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Scott & I spent the weekend in Georgia with his family. The reunion was indeed a special one, as Scott's parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary. It was wonderful to see Scott's family but particularly heart-warming to see our newest nephew in person for the first time. During our stay we ventured to the public gardens and nearby butterfly sanctuary.


While in the sanctuary, in the most unexpected of all moments, I saw a butterfly be born. While ...

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My friend Carrie tweeted about making lasgana rolls for dinner recently. I was intrigued and messaged her immediately about it. Turns out Carrie had made the recipe from Vegan Planet, which I don't have a copy of, so I was on my own. I used my normal lasagna fixings: tofu basil ricotta and frozen spinach, and rolled the noodles with fillings instead of layering them in the casserole dish as I nomrally do. I couldn't be happier with ...

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With summer coming to an end at rapid speed, I decided to make an old BBQ favorite, ribs. These puppies are so meaty its uncanny and they are ridiculously easy to make, too. I've been baking them in my toaster oven and have had great success!


Vegan Ribs

For the Ribs, I use this recipe, but I add 1 tsp of liquid smoke and a few dashes of paprika. I also like to use my South Carolina bbq sauce recipe ...

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