Can’t eat beans or lentils? 8 ways to replace them (+ bean-free refried beans, bean-free hummus recipe) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

“Your recipes look great, but I cannot eat beans or lentils because of a digestive issue (Dr. recommended diet). What could replace these ingredients if I sign up for your meal plans?”

OMG, do I feel you on that.

In the last three years both my husband and I had periods where we couldn’t eat beans or lentils.

Fortunately, we’ve healed our guts and improved our digestion enough to be able to eat most beans and lentils now, though ...

Are you Fed Up explaining and defending? Here's what I do. Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Are you FED UP with other people commenting on your diet?

I bet these sound familiar:

“Plants feel pain too, ya know…”

“Oh, I could NEVER stop eating meat [cheese, eggs, oil, etc]!”

“You’re not fun to hang out with anymore since you stopped eating [insert non-plant based food].”

“Why aren’t you sharing this queso appetizer with us? C’mon just a bite won’t hurt you!”

or, everyone’s “favorite”:

“How do you know you’re getting enough PROTEIN?” ...

How to try new flavors in a less overwhelming way Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I started to write this post as a helpful guide for parents on feeding their kids…

(A couple of parents shared this ‘hack’ in my private meal planning FB group)

Then realized this applies to adults too!!

If you are uncomfortable with “new” foods or ingredients...

If you lack motivated to try new things…

If the “unknown” or “unfamiliar” makes you doubtful...

If some cuisines or ingredients are foreign to you…

If you self-describe as a “picky” adult…

If you ...

FULL LIST OF Oil-Free HUMMUS Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I jokingly call hummus the “lifeblood of vegans”

As recipe creator, I appreciate how VERSATILE hummus can be -- lending itself to all kinds of flavors or fun concoctions.

For example, I used it to make a “cheese” in the Malta Melt (from the Shortcut to Slim Blueprint)

I’ve also used hummus to make an instant “cream sauce”, lovingly calling it a “college students” Alfredo ;)

That’s the Creamy Roasted Tomato Pasta in the Meal Mentor App

Hummus is also GREAT for ...

Differences in Hot Sauce Brands 2018 (Their best uses + Ranked mild to hottest) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Topics in this Post:

  • 10 BEST hot sauces, ranked!
  • The difference in hot sauce flavors
  • Which hot sauce for which recipe
  • RANKED: Hottest to Mildest
  • How to ‘extinguish’ the heat when you made it too hot!

Frequently Asked Questions (answered!)

  • Is hot sauce the same as Sriracha?
  • What is it in hot sauce that makes it hot? (the peppers used)
  • How to SUBSTITUTE hot sauce?

Catch all this in a show-and-tell video here.

Hot sauce is a terrific low-calorie condiment ...


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