ULTIMATE list of hidden sugars (77 tricky names, many are not obvious) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Sugar has about 10,000 names (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). 

To help you out, I’ve compiled an ULTIMATE list of hidden sugar names. 

Last I counted there were 77, but if I missed one please let me know ;)

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It’s too late to get it now, but if you don’t miss any more freebies (or the rest of ...

Welcome to the Sugar Elimination Series Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Over the next couple of days I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned about sugar addiction, the drug-like effect sugar has on your brain, and how you can unhook yourself without going mad (or relapsing hard). This isn’t the usual “go cold turkey” BS you’ve heard before. I’ve uncovered some seriously cool science-based hacks that stop the sugar hijacking that happens in your brain. 


There’s going to be some geeking out ...

8 Effective Period Constipation Solutions Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Are you sometimes mystified by your bowels? Do you go through weeks’ of perfectly poops and then suddenly things clog? Do you ever have random diarrhea or constipation that comes out of nowhere but (thankfully) clears up after a day or two? 

I’ve scienced the crap out of this (literally!) -- here’s what you need to know.


Immediately after I released my original Bikini Blueprint + shared what I learned about digestion and the surprising number of plant foods ...

9 helpful vegan foods to cure bloating (+ the science why) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Thank you sooo much for taking the poll last week!!

The response, as always, was great (you guys are the best!)

Bloating/Distension was voted the biggest digestive woe in our group. I can’t wait to share my remedy for this with you!

QUICK RECAP: I’m sharing with you what I do to get my leanest, slimmest looking body and how I finally got rid of my belly bloat, gas, and constipation after elimination diets and other remedies like probiotics ...

4 surprising foods that cause gas & bloating in vegans (+ the science why) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Over the next couple of days I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned in my quest to stop feeling like a blowfish. Some parts might be a little TMI ;) 

I’ve put all this information and research together for you and zipped it up into a helpful “dos and don'ts” protocol so you can eliminate puffiness in your midsection and legs.

In today’s email, I’m going to share 4 surprising foods that cause gas and bloating in ...


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