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Vegan Irish Foods for St. Patrick’s Day Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Cooking special foods for different holidays is one way I stay in-love with eating healthy.

First, it keeps things fun, but also helps me stay out of a rut.

Burnout (and boredom) leads me to eat out, so being playful with “festive” meals helps me stay on track.

I loathe confessing this but…

I used to roll my eyes at my neighbor whose home always seemed to explode with new decorations every few weeks, until she told me why she …

How to Properly Dispose of Holiday Decorations Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

The holidays generate up to 25% more garbage in the weeks leading up to, and after, a major holiday. Part of what is thrown away in unwanted holiday decorations. Everything from live trees to holiday lighting can find itself on its way to the rubbish bin, creating an estimated 1 million tons of extra garbage each week.

But what if there was a way to help reduce its environmental impact, and create less waste each holiday season? Through recycling, repurposing, …

12 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

51% of annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Here are 12 scientifically-backed ways you can avoid weight gain this season from Brian Wansink, Ph.D.and the Cornell Food Lab:

1. Survey first. Do a loop around the buffet and decide what you really want to eat rather than taking a little of everything you don't hate.

2. Always sit to eat. If you only eat when you are sitting, you'll mindlessly munch less.

3. Use tall glasses for booze. …

50+ Plant-Based (Vegan) Cinco de Mayo Recipes! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is just a couple weeks away!

And if you're looking to celebrate with healthy and delicioso Mexican dishes, I've got you covered with over 50 (FIFTY!) plant-based options!

Throwing your own Cinco de Mayo fiesta? There's a section in Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings with details on how to set up the perfect taco bar!

You'll also find these recipes too:

  • Adobo Tostados (p. 64)
  • Individual 7-Layer Dips (p. 68)
  • Mexican Dip (p. 70)
  • Mexican Rancheros (p. …
45+ Plant-Based (Vegan) Spring Holiday Recipes Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Holiday

Spring has officially sprung!

And if you need healthy and delicious recipes for your springtime events, I've got you covered with these 45+ plant-based options!

Don't forget!! I have an ENTIRE EASTER & PASSOVER section in Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings!

  • Beet Salad (p. 120)
  • Carrot Cake Cupcakes (p. 129)
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup (p. 124)
  • Creamed Kale (p. 65)
  • Creamy Grape Salad (p. 123)
  • Deviled "Eggs" (p. 120)
  • Lemon Rosemary Meatballs (p. 127)
  • Mini Soy-Free Quiche (p. 128) …

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