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Getting Fit: How A Vegan Diet Can Help Improve Your Fitness Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

A common misconception I still hear is that you can't get be a serious athlete on a vegan diet.

That's simply not the case. Veganism goes hand in hand with health and fitness. In fact, an all-vegan 100% plant-based diet might be just what you need to spring right back into shape. (Research shows a vegan diet can IMPROVE your performance!)

As with any change to your diet or lifestyle, there can be some hiccups during the transition, so you …

Let Your Salad Speak For Itself: 8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Greens Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Most people have the misconception that Vegans only eat salad! False!.

This would not leave us with enough calories or healthy fats to sustain a balanced diet.

Did you know that, on average, a vegetable salad holds about 200 calories? This is nowhere near enough to leave you feeling comfortably full or getting you all of the nutrients you need. I admit even though I enjoy a leafy plate of greens, vegetable salads can leave me feeling a little hungry …

New To Veganism? These Are The Ingredients You Should Begin To Substitute Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

No matter what reason you decided to introduce Veganism into your life, finding a nutritious balance is important. But what’s more important is that food remains delicious throughout the entire transition. It’s not always that easy to cut off your original palette, especially if it’s taken years to build… Vegan substitutions may take some getting used to, but trust me, you won’t be left dissatisfied.

There are a couple key ingredients that are easily swapped for vegan replacements, but you …

Pressure Cooker Showdown: Which is Best? Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Want to buy a pressure cooker?

Unsure which model is best for you? (or best for your buck?)

Think you gotta have an InstaPot?

Read this post before you buy.

Let me get this out of the way first: I’m not being paid to review either of these items.

If you happen to buy one from clicking on a link, I’ll pick up a few pennies from an Amazon commission, but I honestly have no vested interest if you buy …

Ingredient 911: The Differences Between Spices, Herbs, Flours & Miso Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

What is nutritional yeast? Can I substitute brown miso in your recipes? What's the difference between ground and rubbed sage?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about ingredients in HH recipes -- and I'm answering them all AND more in this post!

I hope you find this information helpful and it makes your plant-based cooking experience a little easier :)

Black Salt

Black Indian salt (also called Kala Namak and not to be confused with black lava …


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