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243 Books in 2017, final picks, closing thoughts Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Reviews

I set out to read 100 books in 2017…

I nailed that reading challenge ;)

My life evolved and changed in many positive ways reading 243 books.

You become better at everything, even just being you and knowing yourself, by reading books (including novels).

I’ve set my goal at 218 for 2018, although I secretly hope I can get to 250.


  • Debut novels are often the author’s best work.
  • 2 Book …
Product Review Overload Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Reviews

When I first started blogging, I used to get jealous when other bloggers got free swag and I didn’t. Then I started getting swag too, and that was nifty, but I never found time to actually review it. The result? I would just feel like a jerk for accepting free stuff and never reviewing it.

When I lived in St. Maarten all last year, I had to decline because I lived abroad but now that I’m back in the states, …

Togiharu Knife Review Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Reviews

I'm obsessive about knives. Right after Scott & I were married, he spent one of our gift cards on a rather expensive knife. I was furious, I kept thinking of all the other things we could have bought instead... until I used it. It changed everything for me -- my entire experience in the kitchen changed! Cooking was so much more enjoyable. Almost 6 years later, I still have that same knife and it still looks and works like new …

Review: Vegan Celebrations Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Reviews

Off the cuff, I really like the idea of this book!

When selecting a handful of recipes to try for a review, I zoomed in on Mardi Gras (because I have a huge soft spot for New Orleans grub) and Cinco de Mayo because Scott lives and dies for all things Mexican-inspired. I also salivated at the thought of her Irish Creme (from the St. Patty's Section; though this is more of a Xmas drink for me)...but I can't find a small …

The 4 Hour (Vegan) Body Diet Review Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Reviews

SHOCKER: Tim Ferris wants you to be vegan (no, really!)

"If you are considering test-driving a PPBD, which I hope you will..." - T.F.

Background: I've been hearing about the 4-Hour Body in one way or another since Tim first mentioned it on his blog. Several emails poured in asking for my thoughts on the Paleo diet (the alleged cornerstone of the book) and if I was going to review the book--so here we are.

Paleo Diet: I …


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