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Well my students, this is our last class! I hope you have enjoyed the Herbie 101 series! If you missed any of the previous posts, here they are:

Herbie 101: Nutrition

Herbie 101: Soy & GMO

Herbie 101: Allergies and Medical Conditions

Herbie 101: Pregnancy, Kids & Bodily Functions

Herbie 101: Baking, Cooking & Ingredients

Now for your general and miscellaneous questions!

Is it safe to juice lemongrass?
I've never seen lemongrass juiced at a juice bar, so I'd say no. …

Herbie 101: Cooking, Baking, and Ingredients Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: 101Series

We're back this week and we're talking about one of my favorite subjects: FOOD

Ideas or Thanksgiving and holiday meal choices in general! How to have it without the turkey!

See my post, Thanksgiving Meal Ideas.

Here is what I made last year.

Dinner ideas to replace the old staples (like meat)?

First things first; stop looking for meat on your plate. Come to love that vegetables, legumes, grains — THOSE are the meal. 

Ideas for school lunches served …

Herbie 101 Series: Pregnancy, Kids, and Bodily Functions Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: 101Series


Is plant-based OK during pregnancy?

Yes. Absolutely. For more information, links and resources, please see my post "Plant-Based (Vegan) Pregnancy.


Can children be vegan/plant-based?

Yes. Absolutely. It is the official position of the American and Canadian Dietetic Associations that a plant-based diet is suitable for all stages of life. As long as your children are eating a diet with a variety of whole foods, they should get all the nutrients they need. Also note that eating animal products doesn’t …

Herbie 101 Series: Allergies and Medical Conditions Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: 101Series

Before we get into the Q&A, I wanted to share this list, from my post "Herbie of the Week: YOU."

Summarized medical issues, symptoms, and health problems that have been reduced or eliminated by adopting a plant-based diet (as reported by Herbies on Facebook):

- Eczema
- Headache/Migraine
- Bloating/Stomach Issues
- Hypothyroidism
- Allergies/Nasal Congestion
- Acne/Cysts
- Rosacea
- Acid Reflux/Heartburn
- Cholesterol
- Anemia
- Joint/Muscle Pain
- Constipation
- T2 Diabetes
- …

Herbie 101 Series: Soy & GMO Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: 101Series

Before we talk about soy (and before you leave a comment), please read this article on soy, "Finally, The Truth About Soy", and also read this post in its entirety.

As you will read (with ample links to scientific studies), soy is not dangerous, unhealthy, or unsafe for most people, despite myths floating around thanks to the WAPF.

Legitimate soy concerns: Some people are allergic to soy (just as some people are allergic to peanuts) and those individuals should …


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