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51% of annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Here are 12 scientifically-backed ways you can avoid weight gain this season from Brian Wansink, Ph.D.and the Cornell Food Lab:

1. Survey first. Do a loop around the buffet and decide what you really want to eat rather than taking a little of everything you don't hate.

2. Always sit to eat. If you only eat when you are sitting, you'll mindlessly munch less.

3 ...

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! 

But busy. So so soooo busy!

This week's plan has classic comforts for family gatherings.

These meals will WOW out-of-town guests, please the pants off omnivores, and make the whole family gather around the table in delight without complaining. 

Plus each recipe is ridiculously easy, which means you’ll be as jolly as Santa.

Think of this meal plan as a cute little elf helping you make dinnertime easier.

My ...

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Being away from home is where most people usually go off course.


Good job for being proactive and researching how you can stay on track.

I spend 40% of the year traveling or in hotels for work and play… here are my 10 pro tips!

#1 Have a good breakfast

A good start to the day sets you up for success.

Pack an oatmeal cup and a spoon. Hot water is available at any coffee shop, gas station, flight ...

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It’s what you’ve been waiting for…

Pressure cooker-friendly meal plans 😱 😱

All of the weekly plans will have Instapot recipes this month!

These are legit pressure cooker recipes too, meaning you make the whole meal IN your Instapot (or other pressure cooker).

No starting somewhere else and finishing in the IP...

To kick this month of pressure cookery off…


Click here to read more and enter to win an Instapot.

Is your Instapot still sitting in ...

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Do you want to win a free Instapot?

You're in luck!

Meal Mentor (my meal plan service) is giving one away for free this Thursday!

You don't have to have a subscription to the meal plans to win, but subscribers do get an extra entry!

Speaking of the meal plans…

You asked for it…

The meal plans will have pressure cooker recipes all month!

If you already have an Instapot (or other pressure cooker) at home…

But it’s ...

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