5 Vegan-Friendly Flavors for Kale Chips Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Ah, chips. The worldwide king of snack foods.

Unfortunately, traditional fried potato chips are typically loaded with saturated fat and empty calories — which is exactly why the trusty kale chip was born!

Kale chips are an excellent choice for guilt-free snacking, and even better than that, they are incredibly simple to make. Check out our recipe for kale chips. Pro Tip: be sure to remove the stems! Kale stems are very dense and will not cook at the same ...

5 Ways to Use Cauliflower Rice Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Low carb diets have gained a lot of attention over the last several years. With this lifestyle trend, we have seen the internet explode with new ideas for replacing your favorite carbohydrate-heavy meals with low-carb alternatives. Cauliflower, in particular, has recently grown in popularity as a delicious, healthy substitute for things like pizza crust, fried rice, and even breadsticks!

To use cauliflower as a rice substitute, simply use a grater to “rice” a head of cauliflower, or pulse florets in ...

7 Veggies You Can Stop Peeling Now Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice

Need to spend less time in the kitchen?

Want to maximize nutrition and flavor?

Stop peeling your veggies! (Well, at least SOME veggies)

Leave these vegetables unscathed:


20% of the nutrients (like B vitamins!) are lost when you lose the skin. Even if you plan to mash ‘em, leave the skin on. Tell your fam you’re eating rustic mashed potaters ;)

Just be sure to give your potatoes a good scrub to get all the dirt off!


The ...

Two Interviews: Pam's lifestyle change and Bev's Blueprint Success Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Video

We've really enjoyed the latest episodes of Happy Herbivore Live. Pam completely changed her left over the course of a year and you'll be amazed everything she gets done before 8 AM.

Bev's weight loss results on the Blueprint are really impressive. 

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20 Inspiring Vegan Before and After Pictures Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

These are our 20 most popular and inspiring vegan before and after stories from actually Happy Herbivore community members. Many of these people used our Meal Mentor meal plans to help them lose weight.

Heather's before and after

Heather M

At 39 years old, Heather found herself an overweight smoker and drinker. She had arthritis in both knees, chronic back pain, an irregular heartbeat that required medication, shortness of breath, and she suffered from severe depression. When she received a 911 call that her ...


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