8 Key Benefits to Cleaning Out Your Pantry + 97 plant-based pantry inspired recipes list

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Instead of "spring cleaning" I like to engage in "winter cleaning" for two reasons: 

#1 In the Spring I want to finally be outside not insidecleaning my house.

#2 Cleaning in the winter is a free indoor workout.

With so many other things to clean and organize, the pantry is easily overlooked...

Yet this simple task can have a profound impact on your health, well-being, and overall kitchen organization.

After all, a tidy kitchen is the secret to cooking faster. 

8 Key Benefits to Cleaning Out Your Pantry:

  1. Rediscover Hidden Gems. Forgotten ingredients can be used as future meal inspiration.
  2. Improved Organization:You can reorganize and optimize your storage space while also eliminating the frustration of rummaging through a cluttered pantry.
  3. Streamline Meal Planning:Improved visibility and organization of ingredients makes it easier to plan meals and create shopping lists.
  4. Reduce Food Waste: With a clear inventory, you can avoid unnecessary or duplicate purchases.
  5. Healthier Choices:Putting healthier staples at the front will support your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Easier Meal Prep:  Meal preparation is a breeze when you know where everything is and can spot it immediately.
  7. Reduced Stress:A messy and disorganized pantry can contribute to unnecessary stress. Cleaning it out not only promotes a calmer kitchen environment but can also provide a sense of accomplishment!
  8. More Visually Appealing: Who doesn't love an "after" photo?
  9. Community Support: If you discover non-perishables you no longer need, you can donate them to your local food bank 🤝
    Ready to get started? 

Yes, I know that's technically 9 but you might not have donations so 8 seemed the most accurate ;) 

If I've sold you on cleaning out your pantry (and I hope I have!)... 

Steps to Cleaning Out Your Pantry: 

Step 1: Set side time today or this weekend. Depending on your pantry size it can take 30 minutes to a few hours.

Step 2: Remove everything from your pantry and assess each item, checking expiration dates.

Step 3: Wipe down the shelves while your pantry is empty. You can also wipe down your goods if they are dusty. 

Step 4: As you return items to the pantry, take inventory. Write what you have on a piece of paper or use an app such as Out of Milk. 

Step 5: Donate any non-perishable items you no-longer want or need to a local food bank or shelter 🤝

Step 6: Plan future meals that use up your pantry (and freezer) ingredients.

Here is a list of 97 vegan (plant-based, WFPBNO) recipes that use up pantry staples.

There is also a 7-day pantry meal plan (for families and one for individuals) in the Meal Mentor app! 

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