The UNBELIEVABLE Versatility of CAULIFLOWER (13 Creative Uses + 120 Vegan Recipes) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon
My embarassing history with cauliflower: 

Admittedly, cauliflower wasn't a vegetable I thought much about before adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

As a kid, the only time I saw cauliflower was on a party platter next to other raw vegetables and a dip.

I had cooked cauliflower for the first time in college while I tried to lose weight on "diet" frozen meals. (Cauliflower was in one of the stir-fry options and let's just say it wasn't exactly the best …

8 Key Benefits to Cleaning Out Your Pantry + 97 plant-based pantry inspired recipes list Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Instead of "spring cleaning" I like to engage in "winter cleaning" for two reasons: 

#1 In the Spring I want to finally be outside not insidecleaning my house.

#2 Cleaning in the winter is a free indoor workout.

With so many other things to clean and organize, the pantry is easily overlooked...

Yet this simple task can have a profound impact on your health, well-being, and overall kitchen organization.

After all, a tidy kitchen is the secret to cooking faster. …

9 PRO TIPS for making the perfect bean burger that holds together and isn't mushy + my 6-ingredient quick burger recipe Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Yesterday I shared my tips for making perfect bean burgers on FB. (For best burger making tips, see below 👇 👇)

A few peeps commented on how much they loved my quick burgers 🫶 so I am sharing that recipe this week! 

Only 6 pantry ingredients. 

Ready in 15! 

You can find the free recipe or in the Meal Mentor app. It's also in one of my cookbooks but I'm blanking on which one. There are 6 afterall ;) 

Perfecting Bean …

Ready. Set. DECLUTTER (Annual Declutter Challenge Feb 3!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Mark your calendars!

The annual throw-your-sh!t-away event

Err, I mean, the 5th Annual Virtual Declutter Party Challenge

will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

Are you ready to finally tackle the clutter creating chaos in your closet?

Under your bed?

in the Garage?

Entire house?

Well, NOW is the time to make a COMMITMENT!

And do it with the support of the ENTIRE Happy Herbivore community behind you!!

Let's tidy up and declutter TOGETHER!!

To get your official declutter …

Do you know how I stay motivated to cook? Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Here's something that might surprise you: 

Action leads to motivation

Most people "look for motivation" 

Meaning they wait for something to come around and motivate or nudge them along.

That ☝️ was definitely me.

If a wedding or event was around the corner, I’d get “motivated” to eat salads and workout so I could lose some weight before the big day.

To my credit, I’d keep it up for a little while afterwards, but the motivation always faded and I’d …


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