Why I wrote a book with Dr. Neal Barnard (Your Body in Balance) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

When Dr. Barnard asked me if I would be interested in putting together recipes and menus for his next book, my answer was going to be “YES!” no matter what… 

Then as he started to tell me about the book and what kind of special recipes he would need for it, I found myself tearing up. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I said, “for writing this book.”

Admittedly periods and menstrual pain aren’t topics that get ...

the science of trigger foods… what causes hedonic eating? Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Welcome to Part 2 :) I hope you're enjoying the science bits I'm throwing down from my new book, The Science of Weight Loss which is now available. 

Yesterday you learned that hunger can be a hormonally driven behavior, which means overeating is not necessarily a personal choice AND that the feeling of hunger can also be artificially stimulated by your thoughts and from environmental triggers (e.g., smelling food, seeing food). I also shared with you the ...

5 foods that cause overeating Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I'm so excited to share a little 'sampler' from my new research book, The Science of Weight Loss

As many of you know, I struggled with overeating for years, so any research on what makes us eat beyond biological needs tends to grab my attention. Here were some of the more...provocative 'discoveries' I came across during my 4 years of research and writing. 


Hunger can be a hormonally driven behavior, which means overeating is not ...

What if all diets are right? 4 years of research led to this conclusion... Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Four years ago I started to wonder... What if all diets are right?

What if low-carb works, and low-fat works, and vegan works, and paleo works, and intuitive eating works, and high-carb works, and... WHAT IF THEY ALL WORK?

Like you, I was tired and frustrated by diets that stopped working. I was also tired of hearing I just wasn’t trying hard enough or perfect enough. Fed up with mixed messages from “experts”, I decided to become a  'nutritional ...

8 Simple Vegan Bowl Meals w/ LOTS of Flavors (8 ingredients or less) + BIG NEWS!! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Good morning + BIG NEWS: I have a new cookbook!

Happy Herbivore Goes BOWL-ing: 58 one-dish vegan plant-based wonders is here! 

I’ve bundled up my 58 BEST BOWL RECIPES for you. 

  • 48 recipes (81%) have 11 ingredients or less 
  • 29 recipes (51%) require ZERO cooking 

Pretty spectacular right? 

This is the full collection of the super simple meals I’ve been eating for the past few months. 

All 58 recipes are vegan, plant-based, no oil, and gluten-free ...


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