Vegan restaurants in Naples, Italy Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Below is a guest post from Simone of LovinItaly. Normally I don't accept guest posts, but having always wanted to travel to Naples, I took this as a sign! 

Planning a visit to Italy in the surrounding of Naples but worried about where to eat vegan? Don't worry, enjoy your vacation, see all the best point of interest that Naples offers to you. And regarding the food, just keep reading.

In Naples, Italy, there is a variegated ...

Easy Recipe ideas for Valentines Day Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Whether you’re single or coupled up…

This blog post will have you fallin’ in love.

Brunch is the most romantic meal for me. If my husband wants to sweep me off my feet (and he does, what a great guy!) he prepares brunch for me.

Every time I come home from yoga on the weekend to find he’s prepared brunch, I fall a little harder for the guy.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Cajun foods, so Tofu Scramble with Cajun ...

What Actually Happens to Your Body During a Detox Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

With my yearly Detox Challenge nearing its end, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from about the actual biological and chemical processes that make detoxing so effective.

For example:

  • What are these “toxins” everyone keeps talking about?
  • Why can’t our bodies get rid of them on their own?
  • Weren’t our livers designed just for that purpose?

In this post, I’m going to answer all of these questions, and show you exactly what happens to each part of your body during ...

10 Side Effects People Often Experience During a Detox Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Doing a detox is a great way to reprogram your body, get rid of unhealthy cravings, and start the new year off strong.

However, every year when I host a yearly Detox Challenge, I observe that some people feel… Worse.

Instead of the clear-headedness they expected, they get brain fog.

Instead of the anticipated energy boost, they experience tiredness and fatigue.

And, instead of feeling more positive optimistic, they end up being cranky and anxious.

If this happens to you ...

Your Detox Starter Guide: 7 Science-Backed Strategies Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Happy New Year, everybody! Tomorrow, I’m kicking off my yearly Detox Challenge!

It’s not too late to join us!

Anyone is welcome to join the challenge event on Facebook.

Every year, a group of us get together to detoxify our bodies (and minds!) with the help of healthy, plant-based recipes.

Nothing crazy or wacky… just simple, clean foods that flush out the body and make our start to the year STRONG.

Come be healthy with us!

If you’d like to ...


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