March Madness Challenge - The FUN way to Kick bad habits, lose weight, and create lasting changes! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Are you up for a Challenge? 

Great news!!! 

By popular request, MEAL MENTOR MARCH MADNESS is back! 

a.k.a. Your FUN & easy way to kick bad habits, detox, lose weight, feel awesome, and focus on something positive.

Do you want to drink more water orbe consistent with exercise

Are you trying to kick a bad habit(e.g. sugar, soda)? 

Or do you need a little extra support and motivation to lose the “covid 19”?

If so, don’t …

My Digestive Nightmare UPDATE (my h pylori diet and treatment plan) & my balloon belly photos Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Back in December, I was diagnosed with h pylori, a serious bacterial infection in the stomach that causes ulcers.

You can read my original post here, or watch my video on Instagram here.

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS: My recent stool test came NEGATIVE for h pylori!!

This means my treatment protocol worked!! (I'll share what I did EXACTLY below)  

Eradicating H pylori, and subsequently healing the ulcers caused by them, eliminated several of my digestive pains and …

my vegan Digestive nightmare + what it finally took to fix my gut (I have h pylori) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I've spent the last 2 years in agony, with unexplained and seemingly irrational GI symptoms. My symptoms also became progressively worse over time. 

(I'll list my symptoms below).

Unable to pinpoint what was causing my symptoms on my own, I consulted with a specialist who told me to remove coffee, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. I was also prescribed a probiotic that contained ox bile and bone broth.

I took neither, not because I was vegan, …

Top BEST 150 audio books (5-star audio book list) to read during covid19 home stay Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

After reading/listening to more than 1,000 books, here is my (growing!) list of 5-star favorites. 

I am very stingy with my ratings/stars.

If I really (really!) enjoy something, it gets 4-stars (or 4.5 stars).


5-stars are reserved for books I love so much I think everyone should read them ;) 

I am not linking to Amazon (or other) to avoid making any money off this post--it is a public service. I get most of my books from the library …

Is Your Body in Balance? Eat this at breakfast Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I'm excited to share with you one last exclusive excerpt from Your Body in Balance OUT NOW!

Get your copy of Your Body in Balance right here.

Plant Protein.

We saw in Chapter 2 (Cramps and PMS) that a serving of plant protein as you start your breakfast can help stabilize moods for the rest of the say. At least that is what many women have reported. Although this has been suggested as a treatment for PMS, it also …


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