Mmm Mmm Sauce Recipe Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon


You guys definitely challenged me with your submissions yesterday!!

Thank you so much for sharing what random ingredients you had in your fridge and pantry. I came up with some pretty great solutions.

A testament the power really is in the sauce :0)

QUICK RECAP: 1) I’m sharing with you my “secret ingredient” to writing recipes and making instant meals from whatever I’ve got: SAUCES. In post #1 I explained how a simple sauce can turn a bunch of ...

My basic meal formula Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Thank you sooo much for sharing with me what your favorite sauce is!!

I was surprised by the results! If you’re curious like me and want to know which sauces were the most popular, I’ll be posting the results on Facebook later today :0)

QUICK RECAP: I’m sharing with you my “secret ingredient” to my success as a recipe developer. Yesterday I revealed the power of sauces and how the right sauce can transform a can of beans, rice from ...

My “secret ingredient” as a recipe developer Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

My favorite compliment is this:

“Lindsay you are a genius. I don’t know how you take a bunch of random ingredients and turn them into a delicious MEAL.”

The “secret ingredient” to my success as a recipe developer is the sauce.

The right sauce can take a few random ingredients and turn them into a cohesive 5-star meal.

Knowing how to use a sauce is the difference between being a good cook and a great chef.

The right sauce ...

Vegan restaurants in Naples, Italy Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Below is a guest post from Simone of LovinItaly. Normally I don't accept guest posts, but having always wanted to travel to Naples, I took this as a sign! 

Planning a visit to Italy in the surrounding of Naples but worried about where to eat vegan? Don't worry, enjoy your vacation, see all the best point of interest that Naples offers to you. And regarding the food, just keep reading.

In Naples, Italy, there is a variegated ...

Easy Recipe ideas for Valentines Day Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Whether you’re single or coupled up…

This blog post will have you fallin’ in love.

Brunch is the most romantic meal for me. If my husband wants to sweep me off my feet (and he does, what a great guy!) he prepares brunch for me.

Every time I come home from yoga on the weekend to find he’s prepared brunch, I fall a little harder for the guy.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Cajun foods, so Tofu Scramble with Cajun ...


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