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Season 2

Episode 3: The New Science of Mindsets (How Perceptions Work For You or Against You)

How you think about something can transforms the effect it has on you, all the way down to a physiological level! Listen as I explain why perceptions matter.

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Episode 2: Get Results Every Day (How You Think Determines What You Do)

Why it is that even when we know what to do, we still don’t do it? How you can get control, change your behavior, stop weekend overeating.

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Episode 1: Psychological and Physical Differences Between Fasting and Caloric Restriction

Feel like ‘diet’ is DIE with a ‘T’? Learn the psychological (and physical) difference between fasting and caloric restriction, & the “suffering” effect.

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Season 1

Episode 12: My 3-year weight-loss update with body scan results.

My 3-year weight-loss update, body scan results. Learn about BMR, BMI and how I shed 19 pounds of pure body fat.

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Episode 11: Benefits and Downsides to Intermittent Fasting

User Experiences: Benefits and Downsides to Intermittent Fasting plus Frequently Asked Fasting Questions.

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Episode 10: Have We Evolved or Adapted to Obesity?

Are some of us meant to be fat? Listen as I discuss if we are obese by design and how to still enjoy alcohol without gaining the beer belly.

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Episode 9: The Best Time to Eat, Anabolic/Catabolic Hunger and the Lentil Effect

What hours of the day should you be eating? Listen as I discuss the problem with today's views on breakfast and why you should know the two stages of digestion.

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Episode 8: Hidden Persuaders that Hijack Your Hunger (+ How to Stop Overeating)

Does having an opened box of cereal in the house hurt your chances of losing weight? What everyday things are making your overeat and how to overcome them.

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Episode 7: "Biggest Loser", Biggest Lie, Biggest Myths. Shame on the NY Times!

Are the popular fitness TV reality shows lying to you? I discuss why you should stay clear of taking diet advice from the entertainment industry.

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Episode 6: Intermittent Fasting: The Science of Cellular Metabolism

How does fasting work for promoting fat burning? I discuss how you can use fasting to your weight loss advantage & the problem with artificial light.

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Episode 5: The MYTH of Slow Metabolism, Starvation Mode (+ Intermittent Fasting)

Blaming your slow weight loss on having a slow metabolism? Listen as I debunk this misconception +what you really need to know about your metabolism

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Episode 4: The Energy Theory of Cooking, Comparative Anatomy, & What Causes Obesity

Are we meant to cook our food? Listen as I discuss how chimps can teach us about our eating style and the pros and cons of cooking your foods.

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Episode 3: Debunking the ‘Raw Foods are More Nutritious’ Myth

What is better- frozen or fresh? The answer may surprise you! Listen as I discuss the pros and cons of "fresh" food.

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Episode 2: Should You Count Calories?

Not all calories are created equal! Listen as I discuss what you really need to know about calories and if counting them will help with your weight loss goals.

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Episode 1: How the Plant-Based Diet Made Me an Overeater (+Welcome)

I was told I could eat as much as I wanted if it was a plant-based food. But plant-based foods don't have magic calories, you can't eat as much as you want.

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