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You went to all that trouble to cook… and then it didn’t turn out right...


But you CAN save it (unless you burnt it to a crisp… there’s no coming back from that…)


If the saltiness is the result of an over-reduced soup, add water. Another option is to add acid, such as lemon juice, to cut the salt. Depending on the dish, adding wine might also work.

The best way to avoid over-salting is ...

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Has this happened to you?

A recipe calls for 1 cup of COOKED rice…

but you have NO IDEA how much dry rice is needed to make 1 cup cooked?

OR you buy a bag of diced onions, thinking it’ll save you time (it totally will!) but d’oh! How much should you use to replace one onion in a recipe?

Or perhaps after watching my Batch Cooking LIKE A BOSS video, you decided to cook a bag of ...

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A few weeks ago I taped myself cooking our 7 meals for the week in one hour (you can watch it here).

The feedback was awesome (thank you so much!) and a recurring question from watchers was about my batch cooking… of ingredients!

Scheduled batch cooking of ingredients is one of the ways you can make your “cook day” (and your healthy lifestyle) so much easier.

For example, once a month I cook a huge batch of rice -- I’m ...

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Celery in foil... what?

Some of these tips will surprise you!

But many more will help you save money, flavor, and freshness.

Keeping your ingredients at the top of their game is KEY if you want to be at the top of yours!

Thus, storing your produce RIGHT is part 3 of the Cook Like a Pro mini-series :)

Plus nothing makes me more sad than limp vegetables...

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Here's ...

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Are you ready, Ninja?!

You can prep all this:


(I’ll show you how)

It’s GO time Herbies!

Don’t chop like a chump ;)

Chopping your veggies can be easy and painless -- it all starts with holding the knife correctly.

RULE #1: Make sure you’re holding your knife right… BY THE BLADE.

Start by pinching the blade where it connects to the handle with your thumb and index finger. Some chefs pinch ...

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