Everything You Need to Know on Where and How to Store Your Groceries, Cook Like a Pro Series [3/6]

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Celery in foil... what?

Some of these tips will surprise you!

But many more will help you save money, flavor, and freshness.

Keeping your ingredients at the top of their game is KEY if you want to be at the top of yours!

Thus, storing your produce RIGHT is part 3 of the Cook Like a Pro mini-series :)

Plus nothing makes me more sad than limp vegetables...

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Here's a little preview of the chart:

If you're trying not to use plastic or foil, there are a number of eco-friendly reusable options, like Farberware's Food Hugger line.

Farberware's Silicone Cover 4 pack (BPA-Free)

Farberware also has an avocado saver

And this Herb Keeper by Cuispro looks promising:

Flip and Tumble has these reusable produce bags that have GREAT reviews:

Me personally, I'm a fan of reusing the same plastic bags/foil/etc over and over until it's exhausted or ruined.

I recently upgraded to glass food storage containers, and I think the F and T bags will be my next kitchen tool investment.

But do what's right for your budget and situation :D

A big thanks to BuzzFeed (their chart served as an inspiration and basis for this post) as well as Still Tasty, which you should bookmark immediately.

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Post 4 in the Cook Like a Pro series is my FAVORITE post!

aaand it has a LIVE video event.... stay tuned :D

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