Recipes from the Pantry

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Top 10 Tuesday: Recipes from the Pantry

Every so often I like to "cook from my pantry." My pantry (which you can see in this video) is very small so there's no room for excess. I keep control over the situation by cooking from my pantry--which also helps keep my grocery bill down, too. Plus, pantry meals are great when your fridge looks pretty empty. 

Here are my 10 favorite "pantry meals" :

  1. Chickpea Tacos
  2. Creole Black-Eyed Peas
  3. Hippie Loaf
  4. Inca (or Aztec) Corn Soup
  5. Instant Vegan Alfredo
  6. Refried Bean Cakes
  7. Red Lentil Dal
  8. Whole-Wheat Pancakes
  9. Soy-Free Mac n' Cheese
  10. Brown Rice Breakfast

 Cleaning out your pantry has never been so tasty! 

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