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Have I ever mentioned that I love your emails? Because I do. Especially emails like this one from Olivia. I thought her question was such a good one that I decided to share it here, just in case someone else is curious about adopting a vegan diet. If you are a vegan, or a vegetarian, and have advice -- please leave it in the comments for future readers(and Olivia!).Thanks!

From Oliva:

"Hi Lindsay. I was always weary of going ...

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I have a few more foodie pictures from the last photo shoot for you in a bit... but first, a little house cleaning.

Thanks to reader emails, I've updated the FAQ, so I hope you find that helpful. More recipes have also been added to the database -- we're almost done updating! So click on the "recipes" tab on the navigation bar to see all the new additions.

I've also created a flickr pool for sharing Happy Herbivore ...

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