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Top 10: Old Recipes Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

I continually feel pressured to create new recipes for I know that I shouldn't, but I do. And although the unforgiving heat turns me into a slacker every summer (it's just too hot to cook!) this summer I've felt especially guilty about not creating more recipes...

Truth is, I've had little time to do much of anything. Between finishing up the final touches on my upcoming cookbook and working on all of the upcoming Happy Herbivore projects (Herbisport's e-books …

How to make salad dressing without fat or oil Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

The other day I asked HH's FB fans, "How do YOU make a salad go from ordinary to extraordinary?" and through this discussion several people inquired about how you make salad dressing without oil or fat.

Here are my tips & tricks plus a no-fail quick recipe:

1. squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice over your salad

2. add fresh fruit (or dried fruit) for added flavor instead of a dressing

3. experiment with fat-free balsalmic vinaigrettes

4. substitute …

July 4th Menu Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Here are my favorite July 4th HH recipes!

HH Whole-Wheat Fat-Free Baked Corndogs (vegan of course)

Big Mouth Backyard Mushroom Burgers (from e-book Sneak Peak)

Fat-Free Creamy Potato Salad (vegan of course) from e-book Backyard Vegan

Homemade Baked Beans (vegan of course) from e-book Backyard Vegan

'Crab' Cakes -- an omni-favorite at our BBQ's!



Top 10 Go Vegan Tips Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Have I ever mentioned that I love your emails? Because I do. Especially emails like this one from Olivia. I thought her question was such a good one that I decided to share it here, just in case someone else is curious about adopting a vegan diet. If you are a vegan, or a vegetarian, and have advice -- please leave it in the comments for future readers(and Olivia!).Thanks!

From Oliva:

"Hi Lindsay. I was always …

HH Community & Web-Updates Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

I have a few more foodie pictures from the last photo shoot for you in a bit... but first, a little house cleaning.

Thanks to reader emails, I've updated the FAQ, so I hope you find that helpful. More recipes have also been added to the database -- we're almost done updating! So click on the "recipes" tab on the navigation bar to see all the new additions.

I've also created a flickr pool for sharing Happy Herbivore recipes …


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