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I have a few more foodie pictures from the last photo shoot for you in a bit... but first, a little house cleaning.

Thanks to reader emails, I've updated the FAQ, so I hope you find that helpful. More recipes have also been added to the database -- we're almost done updating! So click on the "recipes" tab on the navigation bar to see all the new additions.

I've also created a flickr pool for sharing Happy Herbivore recipes so join that and upload some photos!

HHTV is back and at it's regularly scheduled time. Things got a little crazy the last few weeks wrapping up the cookbook but hopefully I'll be able to run the show MWF at 12:30 EST. Today's recipe is an oldie but goodie, Chana Palak Masala! Tune in and watch me whip up healthy, tasty Indian food during your lunch break! Or better yet, cook along with me at dinner!

I was also interviewed by Feed Me I'm Cranky, so check that out if you have some free time today.

and now for what I think is the coolest feature:anonymous questions. I've joined formspring which allows you to ask me anything anonymously! We're trying to incorporate the question box directly into the website, but for now just visit the link.

Finally, here are the last few shots from my hopefully final cookbook photoshoot. Like the last two times, I took these images with my crappy little pocket camera while everything else was being set up (so don't judge too harshly!). Here are my favorite shots, plus there's always more on flickr!

fat-free whole wheat strawberry cupcakes (I can't stop eating these!)

Fajitas (reshoot, because I've turned into a perfectionist)

Tortilla Soup (and ode to Los Angeles)

The setup (in case you were curious) my light box tent & Nikon D40.

Nice Joe (the quickest and fastest and sloppiest Joe you'll ever meet!)

fat-free, whole wheat vegan cinnamon buns (oh yeah!)


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