12 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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51% of annual weight gain happens between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Here are 12 scientifically-backed ways you can avoid weight gain this season from Brian Wansink, Ph.D.and the Cornell Food Lab:

1. Survey first. Do a loop around the buffet and decide what you really want to eat rather than taking a little of everything you don't hate.

2. Always sit to eat. If you only eat when you are sitting, you'll mindlessly munch less.

3. Use tall glasses for booze. Tall glasses make everyone pour 30 percent less.

4. Make half of your plate fruits, vegetables, or salad. You can still go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths, but make a rule to fill half your plate with fruits or vegetables every time. That second piece of pie stops looking so appetizing when you have to eat half plate of salad with it!

5. Sit or stand away from the food. Converse away from the buffet and avoid sitting at tables with communal food (such as peanuts). If tasty food is within a hand’s reach, you'll reach.

6. Socialize away from the bar. If you sit by or stand close to the bar, you'll drink more. Consider conversing in a corner where you're away from the bar and can hear the person better.

7. Use a cocktail napkin or the smallest plate. The bigger the plate, the more you will eat.

8. Cover “kryptonite” in foil. Leftover pie calling your name? Cover leftovers or other foods you want to avoid with foil instead of plastic wrap.

9. Give yourself permission to throw food away. After you've hosted a party, it’s okay to throw out foods. Your are not the trash can.

10. Have a serving area. Instead of putting all the food out on the table, leave it in another area so you have to get up for seconds.

11. Cover it up. Put lids and covers on every item except the salad. This will reduce going for more food and keeps the food warm for your guests, too. If you’re dining “family-style” this is a must if you want to avoid overeating.

12. Make your kitchen lessloungeable. Remove comfortable chairs, couches, or stools. The less time you spend in the kitchen, the less you'll eat.

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