Everything you ever need to know about iron absorption, anemia, boosting iron as a vegan Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

When I was battling (and then recovering from) H Pylori, I developed anemia (primarily due to all the internal bleeding).

Taking iron supplements (even vegan ones) wasn't an option for my broken body as they are too constipating.

If my levels became truly alarming, I agreed to do an IV infusion, but thankfully with research and a careful "diet strategy" I got my iron and RBC back into a healthy range and wanted to share what I've learned in …

29.3% off starting now 📅 - one day sale for Meal Mentor meal plans Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Hurry offer ends in 24 hours! 

Save 29.3% on a yearly membership to meal mentor TODAY ONLY 

Get 53 weeks of simple meal plans for only $129 (reg. $179.88)

The weekly PDF meal plan includes recipes and a shopping list ✅

With your subscription you’ll also get: 

  1. Access to 2,300+ recipes in the Meal Mentor app
  2. Ability to build your own meal plan (in the app)
  3. Access to the Web Planner (browser version)
  4. Exclusive Newsletters 🔬🤓
  5. Private Facebook group
  6. The …
How I'm saving money despite inflation + 97 vegan pantry meals. Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Before I jump into this topic, I wanted to share I have TWO bits of exciting news next week -- stay tuned and get on the newsletter if you're not already so you hear it there first! 

Over the last few months I've watched my grocery bill getting bigger and bigger, even though I more or less buy the same things.

For example, canned beans went from $1 to $1.25.

Can you relate?

I know cooking beans myself is more …

Are you using the wrong Dijon mustard? Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

I’m an expert connoisseur of exactly two things: winter squash and Dijon mustard. 

In this post I’m going to share ALL my knowledge about Dijon mustard and which brand you should be using (you might be surprised!)

What is Dijon mustard? 

A pale yellow mustard that is typically prepared from black mustard seeds with a unique type of white wine (verjuice, and acidic juice made from unripe grapes). Dijon mustard originates from Dijon, France. 

What is the difference between Dijon …

16+ vegan Sloppy Joes you WANT to eat Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Sloppy Joes are THE sandwich of summer (if you want my opinion). 

It's extremely hot where I live these days (100s) which means a piping hot meal or soup is out of the question.

While I don't mind eating salads and "bowls" (e.g. burrito bowls) my family definitely gets tired of them.

I also find I can't serve the typical sandwich (e.g. PB&J, "Eggless" Egg Salad, Mock Tuna) since they're eating those for lunch.

Which leads me back …


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