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The 30 WHOLE Days Challenge came to an end on Monday with mixed emotions for most participants. As I suspected, it was an enlightening and educational experience and here are some of my thoughts.


I never thought I would be a salad-a-day girl but thanks to HH30 I have at least one really big salad every day. I've also come to really enjoy smoothies (I even developed some killer recipes during HH30). On the days I kept with ...

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In episode 2 of "Healthy Options with the Happy Herbivore" Lindsay shares her secret for making delicious -- but healthy! chocolate chip cookies.

(If you can, please watch the episode directly on our blip.tv channel. The short advertisement at the beginning helps pay for the support and maintenance of happyherbivore.com). Thxx!


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Have you ever had an idea rattling around in your head that's a lil' strange and if executed could either be weird and gross or innovative and totally awesome?! 

Well that's the deal with this recipe. For a while now I've wanted to dump chunky salsa over my mac n' cheese. Color me crazy, but it just seemed like a great idea. Of course getting up the nerve to actually do it (AND feed it to ...

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I have a lot to say in this post... so bear with me folks! (All exciting stuff though!)

First, here is my recipe for Ballpark Italian Sausages! It comes from my e-cookbook Backyard Vegan & it's one of many recipes that's in an e-cookbook but not on this blog or in my upcoming cookbook. The e-cookbooks are only for sale until June 30th so get your copy! (All the proceeds go to the support and maintenance of Happy Herbivore so ...

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When I was hanging out in Emeril's kitchen, one of the first things he made were these stunning sweet potato biscuits. His recipe could be easily veganized by substituting earth balance for the butter, but I wanted to try making fat-free biscuits -- and with whole wheat flour, too. 

Since I had such good luck using bananas instead of butter in my maple-cornbread biscuits, I thought that would work here too, since these biscuits are also sweet and any ...

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