Foodie Friday - July 1

I'm home in NYC now (so expect some great pictures of what I've been eating at my favorite vegan restaurants next Friday!) but here are some of the foods I made back on the island:

Portobello Steaks (why are mushrooms always so difficult to picture?). 

I turned them into fajitas with peppers and onions using a whole-wheat wrap.

Mmmm Mock Tuna! I eat this easily 3x a week during the summer months. 

Another addiction -- these are homemade refried beans but they take just minutes to make! They're so much better than canned that I don't buy canned refried beans anymore. It's a recipe in my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore.

I developed a love for grits when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina. I make them occasionally for breakfast as a nice alternative to oatmeal. These "charleston" grits are a recipe in my new cookbook, EHH. Only a few spices, but man does it really add a nice flavor & complexity. LOVE it.

This is my new favorite dinner --- its a trio of recipes from my new cookbook, EHH, but if you put the biscuits in first, then let the gravy warm while you cook the sausage crumbles---a fancy dinner in under 15 minutes! Plus they're all really easy to make: mix and heat. YUM. YUM.  (These were the biscuits I was trying to make when I ended up with the applesauce/apple biscuits!)

Here's the "sausage" up close -- so, so good!