Episode 2: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Meatloaf Bites, Mashed Potatoes + Mushroom Gravy (Video) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Video

In today's LIVE episode of the Happy Herbivore Cooking Show, I'm making some of my favorite Thanksgiving-perfect Happy Herbivore recipes!

I'll show you how to make these too-easy, kid-approved Meatloaf Bites from my upcoming cookbook (HHLL), Mashed Potatoes -- with three different delicious (and creative) ways to make them (HHC), plus the Everyday Mushroom Gravy (EHH) -- which you voted as your fan favorite recipe! (It was hands down the winner! Thanks for voting!)

Be sure sure to tune in LIVE! on Ustream at 9pm EST-New York and 6pm PST-California.

(A large viewing audience tells the networks we want a healthy cooking show! 700+ Herbies were in the house for the premiere! Let's aim for 1,000 tonight!)

Like the premiere episode, this video will be recorded and put on YouTube tomorrow.

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For MORE recipe ideas, check out our Thanksgiving Recipe post.

Here's the recorded show, watch on YouTube:

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