My Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the one day in the year were I cook like crazy. I actually cooked my entire meal LIVE online yesterday and was pleased all 9 courses only took about 2 hours to prepare. 

The menu: 

"Cheese" ball (HHLL)
Cranberry Sauce (HHC)
Tofu Turkey (HHC)
Thanksgiving Gravy (HHC)
Stuffing (HHC)
Cajun Potato Salad (EHH)
Green Beans
Cornbread (HHC) *see description below
Pumpkin Cheesecake (HHC)

The Spread for self-serving :) I really should invest in a gravy boat...

For an appetizer, I served my fat-free, nut-free vegan cheese ball. I also made this for my parents recently and they loved it. The cheese ball will be in my new cookbook - HH Light & Lean! We used these crackers

I love mashed potatoes. I could each mashed potatoes all day, every day but Scott's grown tired of them (I guess because I make them so much!). He suggested I make a potato salad this year instead of mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. I opted for the Cajun Potato Salad in Everyday Happy Herbivore, which was a nice and unexpected side. I drizzled hot sauce on top, plus added dashes of Cajun seasoning and smoked paprika, with green onion, to make it pretty :)

I'm not much of a stuffing person, but my husband loves it. I almost purchased a commercial vegan stuffing mix in a package for ease, until I saw the ingredients and remembered how easy mine was (chop, mix and bake) that I opted for homemade. 

The "turkey" (or "Torkey" as it's called in HHC). Our omnivore guest really liked these. He kept helping himself to the leftovers saying "I really like those oat things" I couldn't bring myself to tell him he was eating tofu ;)

I can't imagine Thanksgiving with cranberry sauce and my favorite? cold leftovers. I LOVE to smother baked tofu in cranberry sauce. This year I added a lot of fresh orange juice (straight from the orange) and the zest to give it a citrusy, cran-orange taste.


I tinkered with my standard cornbread recipe in HHC. I used pumpkin instead of applesauce because I had leftover pumpkin handy. I also added roasted corn (frozen, sold at Trader Joe's) plus smoked paprika. It came out really well! I liked how the smokey-ness carried throughout the bread. I'm going to make Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo (from HHC) today with all the leftover cornbread. 

Lastly, I served my Pumpkin Cheesecake with vanilla almond yogurt a la mode style and it was a game changer! OMG.