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Here are two fabulous prep ideas from fellow Herbies: creating dry mixes!I love, love, love these ideas!

First Michelle A. made a "Happy Herbivore Queso" dry mix!

She wrote on Happy Herbivore's Facebook, "Premix dry ingredients for the queso from HHA! Makes it easy and quick to make for the family. Just add non-dairy milk, cook, and add the salsa and you're done!" 

[Editorial Note: The HHA version is an improved-upon recipe from the Quick Queso ...

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A couple of months ago, I asked the Herbies on Facebook to let me know what HH blog, meal plan, and cookbook recipes they had successfully frozen (or not — so we don't all do it!). Freezing foods is a great way to save time during the busy school year (if you have little Herbies at home) or for general bulk cooking and saving leftovers past their usual prime all year round. 

First of all, I have to ...

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Today, we're celebrating grains!Whole grains are a staple in my plant-based diet, along with lots of starches, vegetables, beans and fruit. Whole grains are low in calories, satiating, and full of health benefits (Source).

One of the best things about grains is that there are so many wonderful kinds and many are interchangeable, which makes it easy to mix things up with different varieties, plus put a new spin on recipes you love. I only really started exploring ...

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Ever eat a big salad for lunch or dinner and feel stuffed — then wonder why you are hungry an hour or two later?Yes? Me too. Now think about that salad. Was it a big bowl of veggies only? If so, it's because your big bowl of veggies was probably only about 200 calories... a snack, nota meal. I love salads all year round, but summer means that I've got salads on the brain (even more than ...

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that fruit flies drive me CRAZY and asked Herbies for solutions. Hundreds of comments poured in, so it seems I'm not the only one who's had this annoying kitchen problem!

These little guys seem to appear out of nowhere, but it turns out they can even follow your fruit home from the grocery store! Fruit flies can lay eggs on the skin of, say, ripe tomatoes or bananas (yet ...

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