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I've blogged before about How to Talk Veganism/Plant-Based Diets with Others and Politely Interrupting to Mention a Plant-Based Diet to a Stranger that could potentially benefit from the change.

Still, I recently found myself in a rather sticky situation that I'm not sure either post addressed.

Back in January I applied to teach a class on "entrepreneurship" at the local college for the upcoming Fall semester. The college expressed interest in me as a candidate and I ...

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Tomorrow is Eat Beans Day! I love the ease of canned beans (open, rinse, ready!), and I still recommend keeping canned beans on hand for "last minute" cooking or convenience when you don't have the time to make beans yourself.

Still, home-cooked beans are great. They cost a fraction of what you'll pay for canned beans, there are no added salts (or anything else... unless you add it), and you can make a big batch passively while ...

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A few months ago, I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

"We can't beat ourselves up for the mistakes we made in the past, only allow them to power us to make better choices in the future. Love yourself ♥"

Soon after, this email bubbled up in my inbox:

"Good Morning Lindsay, love your quote today and I live too much in the past and trying to move forward but can't find a way to love me. How do you ...

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Most commonly, we hear stories of individuals who went plant-based and felt great. They had more energy, mental fog lifted, less stress, started sleeping better, their brain got sharper, their tummy troubles vanished, they had a new hunger for life, their sex drive improved (as we learned with our plant-based guys mini series) and so on. There are so many benefits people feel after switching to a plant-based diet that it would take too many blog posts to name ...

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I'm always getting requests do a post about tent camping or RV camping, etc. Due to serious insect allergies in my family, camping isn't something we do too often (I mean, we like nature and all, but there comes a point where the hassle is just not worth it). We can avoid the buggies easily in the winter, so we get our outside hours in then :)

Anyway, I just couldn't fake a camping post, so I asked ...

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