Creating Tofu Scramble Mix, Vegan Queso Dry Mix, & Dry Muffin Mixes from Happy Herbivore Recipes for Easy Prep!

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Here are two fabulous prep ideas from fellow Herbies: creating dry mixes!I love, love, love these ideas!

First Michelle A. made a "Happy Herbivore Queso" dry mix!

She wrote on Happy Herbivore's Facebook, "Premix dry ingredients for the queso from HHA! Makes it easy and quick to make for the family. Just add non-dairy milk, cook, and add the salsa and you're done!" 

[Editorial Note: The HHA version is an improved-upon recipe from the Quick Queso in HHC, which would also work as a dry mix.]


Next was Terra S. with muffin mixes! 

"I wanted to make cooking healthy as easy as possible. So, today I spent some time mixing all the dry ingredients for several HH recipes. I labeled them with a name and where to find the directions. Now all I have to do is add a few wet ingredients and I have some healthy treats for my family."



After seeing Michelle and Terra's posts, I started making my own "dry mix" for tofu scramble using my standard tofu scramble recipe.

Jana made the No-Chicken Broth powder (recipe in all my books). She called it "magic in a jar" :)

A friend of mine has also been mixing the ingredients for my low-fat vegan chocolate 2-minute mug cake (also in EHH) in individual Ziploc bags and sending them away to her kids at college. Now they have an easy treat in their dorm room. LOVE it!


FYI — I also tend to use the strawberry cake recipe in HHC (sans strawberries and lemon) to make a "box cake mix" for recipes calling for dry cake mix. 

I just can't believe I never thought of these "everyday" ideas before. DIY mixes are great! 

I also frequently give "food gift" jars, too! I've been known to give my friends a Mason jar filled with the dry ingredients for my Classic Cornbread recipe (also in HHC). It's such an easy, inexpensive gift, but a personal one that's always well received. 

I'm also a huge fan of making my own spice blends and condiments, like the DIY vegan worcestershire sauce recipe that's in all my cookbooks!

(photo credit - pictures of my actual recipes but by others)

Have you made a dry or D-I-Y mix?

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