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Need dinner fast? Don't have much in the house? Here is my lazy Friday dinner meal--quickie black bean burgers. I sometimes call these "hotel room burgers" because I originally developed them in a hotel room while on vacation!

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This morning I video tapped my green smoothie process--(yawn! I look like a tired herbivore!)

I call them green goddess smoothies because I always feel like a goddess after I drink one! Basically, I combine 1 cup filtered water (cold from the fridge) with a few dates (they're small so like 3) and blend. Then I add 2 large handfuls of spinach (about 2 cups), 1 frozen banana and as much cocoa as I like (more is better ...

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I don't revamp my recipes too often, but biscuits keep being redone. I guess I'm on a journey to find a healthy biscuit recipe! Or maybe I'm just a perfectionist about my biscuits... 

At first, I made low fat whole-wheat vegan biscuits by substituting Tofutti non-hydrogenated cream cheese in place of butter or shortening. (This was actually Scott's genius idea). Then when I wrote The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, I changed it still again by using a banana ...

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Here are some of the goings on in my kitchen this week:

Eggless salad on a... salad. (It's one of my favorite salad toppers.)

"Nacho" salad (my latest addiction!) In the middle is the Quick Queso (p. 263) from my cookbook (HHC). Omg it's so good! I'm totally addicted to this combo. Sometimes I also add crumbled corn chips in for texture. 

The makings of homemade enchilada sauce(p. 260 HHC). I'm not joking ...

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Today's post is recipe by my long-time pal Katie, though you probably know her as CCK, "Chocolate Covered Katie."  

I met Katie shortly after I started Happy Herbivore -- 3.5 years ago! Back then, blogs were still relatively new and there were only about 2 dozen vegan bloggers. Naturally, being such a small community within an already small community, we all got friendly quick. Katie and I had a natural chemistry -- and I've stayed in touch with ...

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