Foodie Friday: Salads & Mexican Food

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Here are some of the goings on in my kitchen this week:

Eggless salad on a... salad. (It's one of my favorite salad toppers.)

"Nacho" salad (my latest addiction!) In the middle is the Quick Queso (p. 263) from my cookbook (HHC). Omg it's so good! I'm totally addicted to this combo. Sometimes I also add crumbled corn chips in for texture. 

The makings of homemade enchilada sauce(p. 260 HHC). I'm not joking when I say I always keep this sauce on hand. It's so easy to make and so, so good. I add it to all sorts of things to "jazz them up." 

My latest "discovery:" warm refried beans are AMAZING on a cold salad. I actually made therefried beans from scratch -- a super easy, 8-minute recipe in my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore. I can't even begin to say how awesome this salad is.

Speaking of my new cookbook, this dish is from it as well:

Bok Choy is becoming one of my fave veggies!

Speaking of my new cookbook (again!)... because I was racing to finishing checking over the copyeditor's notes on the manuscript for EHH these last few days, Scott was tasked with making our dinner. Here's his handy work:

Mini Pizzas -- using whole-wheat pitas (in the toaster oven!)

Smoky Black Bean Enchiladas (p. 105 HHC). Can you tell Scott *loves* Mexican food?? It seems to be a permanent "theme" to our meals!

Baked Chimichangas (p. 101 HHC) filled with leftover fried beans and leftover brown rice. This is a great recipe for leftovers. In retrospect we should have put leftover enchilada sauce on top -- but a little guac and salsa was amazing. 

What good food did you make this week?

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