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Papa Herbivore Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

As of yesterday, my parents have been plant-based for two weeks. Although it has been a challenge for them, especially my Father who says "I'm a meat guy" they are staying on track with a plant-based diet, albeit with a few bumps in the road. I keep telling them that it takes time, but they will get used to their new way of eating. 

Previously, my parents cooked a meal or two from my cookbooks each week (My mom has …

Mama Herbivore Colorado Trip Part 2 Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My Mom couldn't fit everything about her trip to see me into one post, so here is her guest blog about the food we had.  You can see this post about their first vegan Thanksgiving and here's a sample of other food we shared with my mom's commentary:

It was unexpected to have such a nice treat for my birthday. It was so much better than the traditional vanilla white flour cake. Having the Tortuga Rum Cake (page 251, Everyday …

Mama Herbivore Returns! (Part 1) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My mom is back for another guest post! As I mentioned before, my parents came to visit for and had their very first vegan Thanksgiving; it was a fun week and my mom is ready to post all about her trip!

I've never driven west, and thought visiting Lindsay in Colorado would be a good opportunity to see the country. It was a great trip, minus the part where our car broke down a few hours from Lindsay's house. …

My Parents First Vegan Thanksgiving Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My parents and I have differing religious views, so we have very few overlapping holidays. This hasn't really been a big deal for us since I moved away from home 12 years ago. Ever since I left for college, I've lived at least 8 hours away from my parents so "going home for the holidays" has always been difficult, or expensive, so we usually just celebrated in spirit. (My mother jokes that I keep moving farther and farther away from …

Mama Herbivore - part 2 Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My mom is back for another guest post. As I mentioned last time she stopped by, she and my father are cooking their way through my cookbook

Here are some of the recipes from my cookbook, as prepared by my parents -- and with my mom's commentary:

Root Beer Float Cupcakes(p. 214)"Your Dad made these cupcakes one afternoon while I was doing laundry. They smelled soooo good when they were baking. I thought these were very …


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