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Mama & Papa Herbivore's Plant-Based Thanksgiving Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents Holiday

Last year my parents had their first plant-based (vegan) Thanksgiving dinner at my house (as omnivores) and loved it. They both went 100% plant-based this past January, but due to my work schedule, they couuldn't make it to my house again this year... leaving them on their own for Thanksgiving.

My parents were invited to my cousin's house (not plant-based) and brought along food they could eat and share with everyone else. At one point one of my cousins said …

Mama & Papa Herbivore are back for more! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My parents are back dishing up more critiques! (P.S.: I typed word-for-word as these conversations were happening.)

Italian Sausages (p. 150 HHC)

Mom: Oh, I'll let Daddy do that. They're his favorite.

Dad: Well, we have to make them again for one thing. I've tasted a lot of fake meats and your mother doesn't like them at all. I barely can eat them but [these sausages] are the real deal. They taste just like real meat. Can you please …

Mama & Papa Herbivore are back! (9 months plant-based!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

Congrats to my parents who have been plant-based for 9 months!

They've been busying cooking out of my cookbooks and taking pictures to share their thoughts with all of you. After I asked them to comment on each recipe (you'll quickly realize their favorite word is "excellent"!) this is what they said when I asked them to reflect on the last 9 months:

"We're finally really enjoying what we are eating. Before it was like "oh we're eating this now, …

Mama & Papa Herbivore Update & Review Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My mom sent me an email a few weeks ago, actually it was more like 10 emails, with one picture attached to each. (Hey! at least she does the internet now! lol) Since it has been about 5 months since my parents went plant-based, they wanted to share some of their new favorite recipes. Below is the email.

It has been four months now since we have gone plant-based and just wanted to update everyone on how we are both …

My Mom Got a Herbie Tattoo Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

For several years now my mom's been saying she wanted to get a tattoo -- a hummingbird -- because she liked them so much. BUT every time she was visiting me, and I'd find a tattoo shop for her to get it done at (because she insisted I had to be there), she would chicken out. Even in LA, after swearing up and down she wanted to get it done at Kat Von D's shop since she watched the show …


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