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My Plant-Based Parents (with video!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents Video

After Nashville we drove to Greenville, SC where my parents live, and Scott's parents also drove up from Hilton Head to meet us. It was a wonderful family reunion and the first time I've seen my parents since they went plant-based in January!

Lindsay and Scott with her parents

The grub: My mom made one of their favorite HH dishes for dinner: Andrea’s Puttanesca (pg. 201, EHH) with salad and whole-wheat Italian bread. 

vegan puttanesca with chickpeas

vegan cheesecake topped with strawberries

Then for dessert she made HH Cheesecake (pg. 219, HHC) and …

Mama & Papa Herbivore Review! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My parents are back again this week to give more feedback on some of the plant-based meals they have made this past week. They are making recipes from both Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Everyday Happy Herbivore - and some from my new one! They are enjoying the time together in the kitchen - cooking has become something both of them look forward to!

My dad also wanted to thank you all and let you know that he is so moved …

Letter from Papa Shay Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

I received an email the other day from my Dad. He is so grateful to everyone for your support, and I am too. You Herbies are the best! Below is his email:

To Lindsay's Herbies:

Hi, this is Papa Shay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your well wishes, concerns, kind words, and motivational comments.

It was a little over 1 month ago I had my first (and hopefully my last) heart attack and went to a plant-based diet. …

Mama & Papa Herbivore Food Review Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

It's been about a month since my parents switched to a plant-based diet, and they couldn't be enjoying it more! While they were nervous at first, they have been able to stay on track with very little bumps in the road. They seem to be used to a plant-based diet now, and cooking more. Together! I don't really remember my Dad cooking much growing up, my Mom was the one who did all  the cooking.

In the last few weeks, …

Papa Herbivore Part 2 Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

It has been about three-weeks that my parents have been plant-based now, and my mom has lost 9 lbs and my dad 8 lbs!!

Last week my dad wrote his first blog post about the recipes they had made that week. He was so moved by your comments on the post and Facebook, he wanted to come back again this week!

My dad said the challenge of following and staying on a plant-based diet has been easier than expected; the …


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