Letter from Papa Shay

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I received an email the other day from my Dad. He is so grateful to everyone for your support, and I am too. You Herbies are the best! Below is his email:

To Lindsay's Herbies:

Hi, this is Papa Shay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your well wishes, concerns, kind words, and motivational comments.

It was a little over 1 month ago I had my first (and hopefully my last) heart attack and went to a plant-based diet. Having been a major meat eater, I couldn't have done this without the support from my daughter, Lindsay, her cookbooks (Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Everyday Happy Herbivore) nutritional expertise, and advise. She's been helping me all the way and lest I say, am very proud of her.

Since this change in diet (along with exercise) I've never felt better, have lost close to 10 pounds, and have gotten the best cholesterol #'s I've ever had.

Additional kudos have to go to my wife (Mama Shay) (Lenore) who is also supporting me and is my main source of "portion control". She will only give me 10 corn chips for a serving, or a thin layer (5 times less) of peanut butter on a piece of toast, etc.

But most of all Mama Shay & I are having fun cooking together out of Lindsay's great cookbooks. I am mainly the sous chef. I get everything ready and she does most of the mincing and cooking. But we havea lot of funat it.

We have critiqued many of Lindsay's recipes which I'm sure some of you have read. We have been (at Lindsay's request) honest in our comments. Remember, Lindsay spent countless hours of trial and error to come up with the basis for each recipe. Not everyone's taste buds are the same however, and don't feel reluctant to alter or modify accordingly because each recipe in its own right is wonderful.

There are many more Herbies out there with greater success stories than mine, and I commend each and every one of you. My daughter is responsible for much of our successes. Let's all keep up the good work.


Papa Shay

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