A Vegan Taste of Nashville

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

I left Austin and flew to Little Rock, Arkansas where I was reunited with Scott & the pugs. We drove from Little Rock to Nashville, where we had planned to spend the night. (We’ve been to Memphis before, but wanted to scope out Nashville on this trip).

Quaid, a black pug, sitting on Lindsay's lap

We met up with my friend Ray and his daughter at Wild Cow Cafe which came recommended to us many times over.

We spit the tempeh buffalo strips as an appetizer, and for dinner I had the bean and sweet potato tacos with low fat pineapple slaw - all outstanding. Everything looked so good, I wish I had been there longer to try more food!

vegan tempeh buffalo strip appitizer

vegan sweet potato tacos with pineapple slaw

My friend Ron also lives in Nashville (this trip is turning into a mini high school reunion for me!) and he showed us around downtown after dinner, though I forgot to take any pictures. oops!

Next stop, Greenville, South Carolina where I’m getting to see my parents for the first time after they went plant-based!

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