Papa Herbivore Part 2

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It has been about three-weeks that my parents have been plant-based now, and my mom has lost 9 lbs and my dad 8 lbs!!

Last week my dad wrote his first blog post about the recipes they had made that week. He was so moved by your comments on the post and Facebook, he wanted to come back again this week!

My dad said the challenge of following and staying on a plant-based diet has been easier than expected; the bumps in the road are becoming less. Here are his honest opinions of the recipes they made this week from Everyday Happy Herbivore and what it is like for them as they adjust to being plant-based.

He asked me to repeat his intro again:

Lindsay has requested our honesty on our critique of her recipes we have made.  If any negative comments are given by Mama or Papa Shay, they have to do with our taste buds and not Lindsay's talents or efforts. Everyone doesn't like the same tasting things. 

Quick Black Bean Burgers (p. 81, EHH) "These were good and we ate them on whole wheat sandwich thins with condiments. Next time I would like to try other EHH burgers."

Pineapple Sponge Cake (p. 256, EHH) "This was okay. Although we both love pineapple and pineapple deserts, this just didn't stand out as much as say the Blueberry Breakfast Cake (p.70, EHH)"

Jalapeno Butternut Soup (p.110, EHH) "This was also very enjoyable and we will most likely repeat it but next time with some of Lindsay's cornbread.  Believe it or not it was one of the first times for both of us to have eaten butternut squash and we liked it very much."

Tex-Mex Shepherd's Pie (p.157, EHH) "We enjoyed this and had it for 2 meals. We would like to try it by using yukon gold white potatoes, which we are going to do next time."

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