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As of yesterday, my parents have been plant-based for two weeks. Although it has been a challenge for them, especially my Father who says "I'm a meat guy" they are staying on track with a plant-based diet, albeit with a few bumps in the road. I keep telling them that it takes time, but they will get used to their new way of eating. 

Previously, my parents cooked a meal or two from my cookbooks each week (My mom has guest blogged about it a few times) but now they cook from my books every day, for every meal. Everyone has been loving my Dad's updates on Facebook (several people asking me to get him to blog!) so here he is, doing his first guest post about recipes they've made from Everyday Happy Herbivore.

My Dad, by the way, was really cute and was like "umm how honest do you want me to be?" and I was like "be honest Dad. No hard feelings. Let people see the reality, the truth, of what it's like for you and mom as you adjust to a new lifestyle."

Without further ado:

Lindsay has requested honesty for our critique.  If any negative comments are given by Mama or Papa Shay, they have to do with our taste buds and not Lindsay's talents or efforts. Everyone doesn't like the same tasting things. When we go through the prep time to cook her recipes we can only begin to imagine how much time, thought, research, and trial and error was put into all of these recipes. Normally its "hats off to the cook" but in this case" hats off to the author"

Blueberry Breakfast Cake (p.70, EHH) "This was the probably the most favorite dessert we have made yet, even though we made it on a Sunday morning for breakfast as it was intended. I would like to try the same recipe with frozen cranberries and orange zest."

Chickpea Tenders (p. 182, EHH) "Mom ate one, I ate three. Mama Shay didn't care for them. I said maybe they would be better Mushroom Gravy (p.289) or something."

HH Note: My mother-in-law LOVES these tenders, but I could have told you my mom wouldn't go for seitan. LOL

Veggie Lo-Mein (pg. 195, EHH) "Mom could eat any kind of lo-mein almost every day of the week. We both enjoyed this and put extra veggies in and it was even better We weren't too overjoyed with the Asian Noodles and next time we will probably use a whole wheat linguine or noodle."

Cajun Cornbread Casserole(p. 155, EHH) "It was a very good combination especially with the cornbread on top. We used the optional 2 tbsps of sugar for the cornbread and it made the cornbread like we are used to. However, the dish itself was too spicy and hot for us even though we like spicy things. We made our own cajun seasoning beforehand and used a little less of it in the mixture. Next time we will reduce it even further."

Andrea's Puttanesca (p. 201, EHH) "This meal by far is our most favorite and will be repeated many times over. It has a lot of things in it and the flavor is terrific. Funny how the recipe was sort of an 'accident' for Lindsay"

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