Mama & Papa Herbivore are back for more!

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My parents are back dishing up more critiques! (P.S.: I typed word-for-word as these conversations were happening.)

Italian Sausages (p. 150 HHC)

Mom: Oh, I'll let Daddy do that. They're his favorite.

Dad: Well, we have to make them again for one thing. I've tasted a lot of fake meats and your mother doesn't like them at all. I barely can eat them but [these sausages] are the real deal. They taste just like real meat. Can you please develop a hot dog recipe like this? The only thing we do differently is we cut the heat. 

Mom: We have them on crackers, crumbled into spaghetti sauce, with sauce. They're great for travel. 

Dad: Greatest thing in the car. Ever. 

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins (p. 42 HHC)

[Note: They day before my mom made these, she called to see if I had a blueberry muffin recipe (I'm her human index) saying she'd bought blueberries at the store and when my father saw them in the grocery bag, he asked her when she was going to make muffins]

Mom: Smells so good in the kitchen. Perfect thing to have in the morning with coffee and at night with your tea... and again the next morning with your coffee (chuckles). 

Tuna Salad (p. 113, HHC  and on the blog)

Me: Mom, Dad said you didn't like this dish. 

Mom: When I first tasted it, No. I didn't like it. But when Daddy made it the second time and I told him to add more celery and sweet pickle juice, and sweet pickle relish and Old Bay Seasoning, and oh my god — NOW I LOVE IT. We have it in pita pockets with sliced tomato or with crackers. Delicious. That was excellent. It's one of our staples now.

Dad: I add a lot of kelp.

Eggless Egg Salad (p. 74 EHH  and on the blog)

That's just so-so, Lindsay. It's good for a Friday dish but we really like the tuna salad better. We were always more of tuna people than egg salad people anyway. I think I need to have it another time when I'm in the mood. I think I might tweak it like I did with the tuna salad so it's more familiar. 

Enchilada Casserole (p. 166 HHC)

Mom: Excellent. So excellent. All in one dish.

Corn Pudding (p. 173 HHC)

Mom: Yeah that was very nice. We ate that with one of your Mexican dishes. It's a nice side dish. 

Dad: That's very good too.

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