My Mom Got a Herbie Tattoo

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

For several years now my mom's been saying she wanted to get a tattoo -- a hummingbird -- because she liked them so much. BUT every time she was visiting me, and I'd find a tattoo shop for her to get it done at (because she insisted I had to be there), she would chicken out. Even in LA, after swearing up and down she wanted to get it done at Kat Von D's shop since she watched the show and liked all the artists on it!

Then last year, when I was living abroad, she tried to bribe me, saying she'd finally get a tattoo if I moved back to the states. Of course I turned around and put our agreement on Facebook so she couldn't get out of it. LOL

Really, I wasn't going to hold my mom to it -- tattoos are personal. If she wanted one, she'd get it.

Imagine my surprise, then, when my mom called saying she was absolutely going to get a tattoo -- but not the hummingbird, my Herbie. She'd even found a tattoo shop in her area and made an appointment!

My mom wanted to get Herbie so I could always be with her, but also as a testament to her new lifestyle. So, for Mother's Day, I went with my mom and paid for her tattoo. I also had my Herbie touched up (read: redone).


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