Mama Herbivore Colorado Trip Part 2

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Parents

My Mom couldn't fit everything about her trip to see me into one post, so here is her guest blog about the food we had.  You can see this post about their first vegan Thanksgiving and here's a sample of other food we shared with my mom's commentary:

It was unexpected to have such a nice treat for my birthday. It was so much better than the traditional vanilla white flour cake. Having the Tortuga Rum Cake (page 251, Everyday Happy Herbivore) with orange icing was the best birthday cake I've ever had. I can't believe all the recipes that Lindsay is able to come up with. I am so proud of her.

Lindsay's tacos with chorizo (page 147, The Happy Herbivore) and quick queso (page 263, The Happy Herbivore) are her dads favorite food and we have them regularly, but he says Lindsay makes them better than I do. I guess I can't be mad at him for liking our daughters cooking better than mine. 

I love fresh blueberries. This Blueberry Dumpster Fire Cobbler (from The Engine 2 Diet) was one of the best breakfast dishes we had. It made the whole house smell like a fresh blueberry pie. I can't wait to make it at home. Hopefully it will turn out just as good and my husband will love it.

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