Mama Herbivore Returns! (Part 1)

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My mom is back for another guest post! As I mentioned before, my parents came to visit for and had their very first vegan Thanksgiving; it was a fun week and my mom is ready to post all about her trip!

I've never driven west, and thought visiting Lindsay in Colorado would be a good opportunity to see the country. It was a great trip, minus the part where our car broke down a few hours from Lindsay's house. I've seen mountains in Vermont, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, but there is no comparison with the mountains in Colorado. They are magnificent. 

It's every mothers dream to be able to spend quality time with your daughter at the holidays. We had a great time with Lindsay, Scott and our 'grandpugs'. That is what really makes for a perfect Thanksgiving holiday. Even our dog Nicke' enjoyed himself.

(Lindsay: I am naturally tan colored -- and my hair is really that wild.)

We rode up the mountain in the gondola to what seemed like the tippy top of heaven. I can't believe Lindsay and Scott snowboard down it. It was our first time seeing them snowboard and I was thankful we rode the gondola back down. I got chills watching them.  

Mama Herbivore will be posting another guest blog later this afternoon about some of the vegan food she ate while visiting. I love reading her opinions on my food... she isn't the type of person to grin & swallow food she doesn't like (she gags and spits it out!) so I always know I'm getting honest feedback from her ;-)

Stay tuned!

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