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Happy Memorial Day, Herbies! Today's blog post is a heart-warming tale of serendipity. (I hope you enjoy it and your holiday!)

Before I get to the story, however, I have an announcement!! 

By popular request, we're offering an annual meal plan subscription but only for a limited time. The offer ends this week (Sunday, June 2)! 

Get a year's worth of meal plans (52 weeks! over 1,000 recipes!) for only $179. (You're basically ...

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Meet our Herbie of the Week, Rhanda, who is an excellent reminder that diet-related health problems aren't always visible on the outside. I immediately identifed with Rhanda's story, because I too have suffered from debilitating migraines and menstrual cramps in the past. Transitioning to a whole foods, plant-based diet has significantly helped both of us β€” all hail the power of plants!

Here is Rhanda's Herbie success story, in her own words:

"It’s been 7 and a ...

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I'm stoked to introduce Sheldon, our butt-kicking Herbie of the Week. Sheldon is a retired NYPD captain and 9/11 first responder. During his police career, Sheldon was decorated in the line of duty 60 (SIXTY!!) times, yet it was his diet β€” not his public service β€”  that almost cost him his life. After saving another life (his own!), Sheldon went on to become a four-time National Karate Champion at 53!

Sheldon with his 4 (FOUR!) first place trophies at ...

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