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Scott is training for his first marathon. He ran 18 miles today and during mile 17, Scott got into a spat with a tree root. It's clear from the photo that the root won ;) Ah well, points for mother nature.



Anyway, between the fall and the 18 miles, Scott was feeling pretty achy and sore. He asked me to make a protein heavy dinner to assist his recovery and I translated that as an excuse to make these crabby ...

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Breakfast is best served at dinner if you ask me. Last night I made my recipe for fat-free vegan french toast using sprouted cinnamon raisin bread and paired it with my basic oil-free tofu scramble!

cinnamon raisin french toast

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I love Indian food -- its typically fairly healthy, abundantly flavorful, easy to make (most of the time, anyway) and it can come straight out of your pantry. Scott & I were in the mood for spicy Indian food and this dish hit the spot. Who knew a can of chickpeas + a can of fire-roasted tomatoes = something so tasty!! Mmm Mmm... spicy!

channa masala 

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The chickpea in a hurry, curry. This  is an awesome sandwich! It's cool and freshing but packs a good bit of flavor.

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A more accurate name would be "deconstructed pot pie" or "open face pot pie" or maybe even "biscuits with veggie gravy." Anyway, this dinner is easy and fast -- but also warm and comforting. I bet you even have all of the ingredients on hand! Plus, it's veggie pot pie! What else needs to be said ;) Yum Yum!

Before I developed the fat-free whole wheat biscuit recipe in my cookbook, I used to make low fat whole wheat biscuits by ...

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