Do YOU Tofu? A Confession

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Happy Herbivore is trying to help spread the word that tofu is healthy, delicious and versatile! As a former tofuphobe myself (we'll get to my confession shortly) I'm proud to be part of this great initiative.

Right after I went vegan, everyone told me I had to eat tofu, because "it was something vegans ate." Of course, this made me like it even less. Still it was pushed on my plate time and time again, and of course, having a bad attitude made me also have a bad experience.

Then my friend Tara said something that really stuck, "Lindsay, it's just a block of beans... you love beans." So I tried it again, this time making tofu scramble and that was it. I was in love. I now look at tofu as one of the most versatile ingredients and the answer to "what's for dinner tonight?" when I have nothing else planned and my fridge is looking pretty barron.

Here is a short list of tofu-tastic Happy Herbivore recipes!

    So... Do YOU Tofu? Leave a comment below stating your favorite way to eat tofu !


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