Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Wow! 100+ people shared how they DO tofu! By far the most popular way to eat tofu was a la tofu scramble and other popular methods were sauteed and eaten on top of a salad or along side veggies; or slipped into a smoothie or dessert. Many tofu-ers also expressed they preferred freezing tofu -- which if you haven't done, you must try! It really changes the texture of the tofu to almost a meaty/ground beef-like consistency.

It was so fun to see how many ex-tofuphobes are out there (my people!) and I especially loved the comments where people proclaimed their love of tofu (I'm talking to you Tofussica!). It seems a lot of people DO Tofu!

The two recipes that stood out the most for me were the Tofu Tacos and the Tofu Jerky!

If I selected your recipe or your name; you should have an email from me :) 

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

p.s. If you want the recipes for the tofu tacos or the jerky, both entrants left their recipe in the comments :)


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