We have a YARD!

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This weekend Scott and I moved into a new apartment. In the 6 years we've been together we've lived in 9 (9!) different apartments.... but #10 is the best yet because it has a huge yard and garden! 

Now, I know what you're thinking... "but don't you live in Manhattan?" Yes, I do. Manhattan is not quite as on top of itself as it appears. In between buildings you'll find lovely outdoor gardens. Of course, getting one of these apartments is all but impossible and you can read how we got one here. (Calling Elaine Benes!) 

Our new apartment is directly below our old apartment so it was an easy move. We didn't even pack. I dropped the pugs off at our neighbors and then Scott & I started loading our stuff up on a trolly and taking it down a floor. Several hours later we were moved in and I went to get the pugs. 

They were confused because the apartment looked the same, but smelled different. It took them a few minutes to find the door that led to the yard but when they did... wow. They started spinning in circles they were so happy. Here are some pictures of them discovering their new yard:

They are so happy! AND SO AM I! I spent all day in the yard yesterday trying to clean it up and plant my very first garden (you can read on and see more pictures on Hey Lindsay! HH's behind-the-scenes blog).

It's still very much a work-in-progress (but this is a big improvement from this, no??)



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