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I love cinnamon buns. I couldn't go to the mall without stopping by Cinnabon. I had to make the Pilsbury version at least weekly in college. There is something magical about the sugar and cinnmon gooeyness. Of course, after I went vegan cinnamon buns were off limits unless I made them myself. The task seemed daunting so I kept putting it off until one day my desires could no longer be controlled.

I found a few recipes online, but ...

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I know I preach a low fat lifestyle (hell, I author a fat-free blog!) and that is how I live and eat... but I'm not going to lie. I love avocados and I love guacamole. I figured, if beans can make brownies, there has to be a way to make lower fat guacamole, right? While this guacamole isn't fat-free (soybeans have fat in them) its still low fat and also high in protein. You could try substituting peas ...

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I've always thought "Blondies" were a white brownie (of sorts). So when my black bean brownies came out better than I could have ever imagined, I wondered if I could do the same with blondies. I realized rather quickly, hell yes I can! 

To make the blondies, substitute white beans for black beans, pure maple syrup for agave, omit cocoa and add 1/3 cup strawberry jam and an additional 1/4 cup oats.

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May 12


Scott & I spent the weekend in Yosemite, easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. These pictures don't do Yosemite justice but I'm sharing them all the same. We also have over 100 photos up on flickr, including photos of deer! I was also pleasantly suprised with how vegan-friendly Yosemite and the surrounding areas are. In Yosemite, I was able to find plenty of vegan food from soy yogurt to alternative baking co. cookies to cereals ...

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Black bean brownies have made their rounds in the diet circuit for years and more recently have popped up on vegan blogs. I'd never been much attracted to them but then my good friend Tara insisted I try my hand at a healthy vegan version. Oh, my! Why didn't I listen to Tara sooner?

This recipe and over 175 recipes are in my new cookbook

black bean brownies

These brownies are really, really good... and so easy to make, too ...

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