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It's been recipe mania around here. Last night I counted up all the new recipes I've created so far, and hit 50+. (Granted some of these include sauces and dressings, but still!)

This discovery was shocking, exciting and also a big wave of relief. You see, when my publisher asked me if I wanted to write another cookbook, I said "hell yes!" but then he asked if I could have the whole thing done in two months so we could get it out ASAP...  I had a bit of an anxiety episode (okay, I hade a huge episode that involved screaming, crying and throwing my arms in the air---but that's not the point!)

I felt like I could do it, but this pressure -- the looming deadline -- was really getting to me and every day I'd wake up with a touch of stress and anxiety, which was silly, really, because my publisher kept telling me if it was "too much" we could pull it and have the book come out in the Spring, or something. You know, so I could take my time.

But that's not how I operate. I wanted my book to come out as fast as it can. I want it to come out in December, or January, so you can give it as gifts or use it to start the New Years off with a healthy (and tasty!) agenda andI want this book to be even better than the last one -- more pictures, more recipes, more this and that. Yeah, I put a lot of pressure on myself! 

Thankfully, I'm one of those people who thrives under pressure so stress and anxiety aside, I've been really motivated.... writing 3 and 4 and sometimes 5 recipes in a day-motivated. 

Seeing how much progress I've made so far has left me feeling good --like Icando this!

Having all ofyour support and encouragement(not to mention the countless feedback given to every query I post on facebook) is really what has made this possible -- so thank you!(A big thanks to my testers and Andrea who are all moving at lightening speed with me).

So without further ado, here are some outtakes from the new cookbook -- these are not the photos that will appear in the book, but can give you a glimpse at some of the dishes all the same... enjoy!

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