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I get asked a lot of questions about cravings and how to overcome and deal with them. The short answer is to figure out why the craving is there in the first place. Is the food craving a result of a mental or physiological association or from a food addiction or a combination? Once you know this answer, dealing with the craving becomes simple.

Some foods create a physical addiction, like dairy. When our bodies break down the casein protein ...

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Yesterday I hosted a little party in Austin (well, maybe not too little -- 30 Herbies came!). My amazing and wonderful High School sweet heart (Chris) held it at his house.

I served Mexican Dip (p.230, HHC), Jalapeno-Cornbread (p. 68, EHH), Butter Bean Cookies (p.241, EHH) and a recipe from my new cookbook, HH Abroad -- Lentil Tacos!

Big hits all around.

It was so amazing to see and hang out with my fellow Herbies. Even Lindsey came and our ...

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Ahhhh, it feels so good to be traveling again. I'm about halfway through my current trip, going between Austin, Dallas and San Diego. The best part about it is that I only brought a carry-on. Yep, 12 days of travel, book signings, meet-ups, a pot luck and more with only a carry-on! For a full list of events I will be at, click here.

This is minimalism at it's best. I don't have to worry about lugging ...

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Welcome back to the second week of our virtual book club! To see last week's questions and discussions check out our group on goodreads or my post here.

We've been reading The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle


This Week's Thought Questions:

1. If pain is nature's guidance towards corrective behaviors, how are we not following the motivational triad by seeking pain relieving medicine?

2. What kind of medicinal goal do you want your ...

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I crashed a Cooking Channel Party.

After our first day at SXSW, Scott & I were walking around downtown Austin, looking for a place to grab a bite to eat.

Of course, since Scott & I are always terrific at bringing bad weather with us wherever we go, it started to rain (no, it poured!) so we dipped into what looked like a little bread factory to get out of the rain.

As we were standing there, we noticed it ...

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