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By popular request this meal plan is all fan favorite recipesEveryone has a favorite recipe or two, and that's what this week's meal plan is all about, nothing but favorite recipes from beginning to end.

We're also including the "Building Healthy Meals" ebook this week. This quick read will help you make healthy meals from ingredients you have on hand and help easily incorporate healthy foods into your diet. 

A few of this week's favorite ...

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Time has been flying by and I am turning the third  cookbook into my publisher today, so I've been a busy bee making new recipes. Here are a few pictures I took with my phone:

Please note, these pictures were taken on my iphone and are not the pictures that will be in the cookbook.

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I am a vagabond, I never stay in one place very long and home address aside, I am constantly moving. I feel more at home when I am on the go and thankfully my "job" requires I travel pretty frequently to conferences and other events.

I used to not plan ahead, but then my sister had a bad traveling experience and now I always have at least a sandwich or a snack bar tucked in my carry-on. While I have always been ...

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Dear Herbies, I am sorry to report that some of the necklaces we mailed were not 100% sterling silver as advertised. It was an error made at the factory, with some necklaces being silver plated rather than sterling silver.

We will be replacing defective necklaces until the March 31, 2012.

Because this is a charitable project, we ask that only defective necklaces be returned. If your necklace has turned pink or green from wear, it is plated.

Please note that ...

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The Minimalist Monday series is back by popular demand! I constantly get questions asking when it would be coming back. The first post is from my sister Courtney about how a minimalist life found her. Below is her story.

I've never been much of a minimalist, although I never really needed to. I've always been very good about maximizing the space I have. When you maximize space, it's hard to be a minimalist because stuff is everywhere. 

In ...

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