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Yesterday was the beginning of the McDougall 3-Day Advanced Study Weekend. It was a day full of adventure and lots of fun! There are so many people here, I even have already met several Herbies!

Today will be just as fun-filled with back-to-back of speakers, including me! The conference is being broadcast over the internet, but there is a fee to watch it.

While I spent most of yesterday prepping samples for my demo, I was able to sit back ...

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It's been about a month since my parents switched to a plant-based diet, and they couldn't be enjoying it more! While they were nervous at first, they have been able to stay on track with very little bumps in the road. They seem to be used to a plant-based diet now, and cooking more. Together! I don't really remember my Dad cooking much growing up, my Mom was the one who did all  the cooking.

In the ...

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There are many vitamin and mineral supplements available. You can walk into almost any grocery store, and the have half an aisle dedicated to them (if not there own section),  they are a big revenue source. There are even entire stores dedicated to supplements. 

Several years ago my sister came to visit me in NYC for a week and we were having a great time until her doctor called. They had gotten her bloodwork back and her iron levels ...

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When I lived in Florida, there was always a farmers market or fresh, local produce stand around. There were a few that I went to regularly, and I learned the ones I needed to avoid. 

As some of you may know, I am allergic to cottonseed oil. On the handout that my allergist gave me about things that contain cootonseed oil, it said to avoid produce stands and farmers markets because the oil is often used to make the ...

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A while ago I posted about how my whole family is vegan, including my dogs. All of the vets I have gone to have always been supportive, with one saying she would recommend it more if she thought more owners would be open to the idea.

A vegan diet may not be suitable for all dogs, but it can be for some, particularly senior dogs and small breeds, as well as dogs with food allergies (like mine).

About a year ...

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