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On Sunday, 60Minutes ran an episode about sugar titled "Sugar and Kids: The Toxic Truth" (you can watch it online at the link).

After the show aired, a number of questions poured in on Facebook and via email about sugar and sugar substitutes, so I thought I'd put a blog post together addressing the more common questions.

What is sugar? 

According to wikipedia, "sugar is the generalized name for a class of sweet-flavored substances used as food." There ...

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When I lived in St Maarten, and was writing EHH, I didn't have all my pots and pans and fancy appliances to cook with.  All I took to the island from New York were my 2 sharp knives, a blender and my measuring cups and spoons! (I probably didn’t need the measuring cups and spoons but wasn’t sure if I could find them there since Europe has a different measurement system). 

At first I couldn't ...

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We've decided to cancel the online book club since we would rather be mindlessly snacking ... oh wait! It's April Fool's Day!

Of course we wouldn't cancel the book club, there are so many good books I have yet to read! This month we are focusing on Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink.

This Week's Thought Question (Based on the Introduction):

1. Do you believe the author’s premise that our environment determines how much we eat ...

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You've got questions, I've got answers!

1. Have you written anything on raw sugar vs. organic sugar?  I didn’t find anything in the FAQ’s.  Are they the same? 

Raw sugar CAN be organic but so can processed white sugar -- they are not automatically the same thing.

2.  I really struggle sautéing without added oils. Everything either sticks or gets mushy. I keep trying but many times, I add a bit of oil to make veggies a bit ...

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Yesterday we reached 20,000 facebook fans!! I am so excited! 

We are celebrating this milestone by giving away 3 prize packs. Each pack comes with signed copies of The Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Everyday Happy Herbivore plus one of our charity elephant necklaces.

Herbies are the best fans! For a chance to win one of these packs, leave a comment below sharing what you love most about happy herbivore!

p.s. we are having a webinar next week ...

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