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I'm the kind of person that holds a highlighter when she's reading a book (and thanks to Kindle having a highlight feature built in I can now do this in a less embarrassing way!)

someone writing a note while looking at a laptop

I also jot things down that either come to me on my own (I love a good epiphany) or I hear (maybe a character in a TV show said something profound or that I liked) and because I'm quick to write it down ...

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The HH online book club is back! This month we have been reading Mindless Eating by Brian Wansick.

image of the book cover of Mindless Eating. It is a bag of overflowing popcorn

This Week's Thought Questions:

1. If you're the nutrition gatekeeper in your family, did chapter 8 inspire to do anything differently?

2. What habits have you started (or plan to start) after reading this book?

Please leave your comments below or at Goodreads, where you can also see previous thought questions.

Next week will bring a new book, Keep ...

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You've got questions, I've got answers!

1. I just realized I'm totally out of lemons and had planned to make your tofu yogurt. Can I substitute another freshly squeezed juice, such as orange or lime?

While I haven't tried it personally, I have heard from other Herbies that lime juice does work for that recipe. I'm not aware if anyone has tried using orange juice, but I think it would be too strong unless you ...

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Both of my cookbooks, The Happy Herbivore and Everyday Happy Herbivore are on sale for $4.99 today on Amazon (ebooks only).

image of spine of both Happy Herbivore cookbooks

You don't need a kindle to read the books, you can view them in your internet browser, on your computer, ipad, phone or other electronic device with Amazon's free software. 

Have my books with you always (I keep mine on my phone for easy grocery shopping) or buy your first copy during the sale!

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I’m hoping to put together a little veg guide for all the cities I live in. First up my last home: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

While there are no solely plant-based restaurants, every place we went had something we could eat - and several places even labeled the options as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free!

Here are some of the places we ate at:

Rio Grande - this was one of our favorite places to eat. They have a great grilled vegetable and ...

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