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7 New Meals in this week's plan - More amazing recipes than before! Plus fan favorites, like "Tuna" Salad and Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal.

New Meals & Recipes:

  • Mexican Quinoa Bowl
  • Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal
  • Portobello Steaks
  • Garden Scramble
  • Skinny PB&J
  • Mediterranean Dip w/ Veggies
  • Beth's Baja Fresh Breakfast


"Today was my first day on your meal plan. I am the worse night time snacker on the planet. I don't care what food plan I try to follow, it ...

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Hi Herbies. It's Courtney again. I thought I would write a post on how I went from just being plant-based to eating whole, fresh foods. Since Lindsay has been away all weekend & we just got over 2 feet of snow, hopefully she is too busy snowboarding to see this and see how much processed foods I was eating before (I doubt it though).

I was a processed plant-based food junkie. While making the switch to a plant based ...

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We hear the term portion control all the time. But what exactly is a portion and how do we control it? Is that the same as a serving size? No, they are not but they are related. Portion control usually refers to getting a portion size back in line with or close to a serving size.

A serving size is the recommended amount of food to be eaten according to the FDA . This is what is on nutrition labels. It ...

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I admit, the book Skinny Bitch was an integral part of why I adopted a plant-based diet. I was newly plant-based when I read the book and if I'm completely honest with myself, it helped me stay plant-based -- it solidified my choice and gave me more reasons to do what I was doing. 

The book, however, had far-reaching effects -- well beyond helping me stay committed to my new lifestyle. I became a "bitch." In the first year I ...

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Spending this past weekend in the Santa Rosa and Sacramento, California gave me the opportunity to meet many Herbies! We had a great time and some good food. 

I even met a few Herbies of the Week, like Teresa!

I was so excited to be able to sign everyone's books as well. Both meetups were amazing. 

Another Herbie of the Week, Candy. Who knew that when we ran Candy's story the week after Teresa's that ...

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