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If you're stressing over what to bring to a holiday meal, remember this: Sharing a delicious meal is a great opportunity to impress and show others how amazing eating plant-based can be! Bring something that you really love. Here's our suggestions:

From the Blog:

German Potato Salad

Maple Glazed Vegetables

Cajun Chickpea Cakes

Aztec Corn Salad

From The Happy Herbivore Cookbook:

Baked Onion Rings (p. 176) (this would be fun if you watch football or other sports with ...

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If you're interested in knowing more about sprouting, I'm here to give you a brief explanation and help you understand the basics.

To put it really simply, sprouts are germinated seeds. To start the sprouting process, seeds (beans or grains) are placed in water, rinsed off, and then put in a container at room temperature and left to grow. The seeds, or beans, grow small baby greens that are edible. These sprouts are “living” food, and can be ...

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We received a question on Facebook about the difference between white whole wheat flour and whole wheat flour.Here's some information that might help you the next time you're in the baking aisle at the grocery store.

Whole wheat flour is ground from red wheat, that's why it has a tannish color. This creates more dense, fiber-full and nuttier baked goods. Whole wheat flour is good for homemade bread or pizza dough, anything that you want a ...

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When someone tells me they can't be plant-based (vegan) it's rarely "oh I can't give up [animal product]" and usually more like "because I live in [place]." 

I've been plant-based (vegan) everywhere -- on a small Caribbean island for a year, in Africa, while traveling to some 35 cities, towns and villages across Europe and now in a Colorado ski town of 12,000 (Denver is 3.5 hrs away). I've managed for well over ...

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I recently got an email asking about how long certain foods last once they're opened or once you bring them home from the grocery store. This has always been sort of a mystery to me as well, we buy a lot of fresh vegetables so they usually get eaten or cooked quickly.

There are things like maple syrup, rice and pasta that you can keep for ages if you've stored them properly. Then there's things like cucumbers ...

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