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We received a question on Facebook about the difference between white whole wheat flour and whole wheat flour.Here's some information that might help you the next time you're in the baking aisle at the grocery store.

Whole wheat flour is ground from red wheat, that's why it has a tannish color. This creates more dense, fiber-full and nuttier baked goods. Whole wheat flour is good for homemade bread or pizza dough, anything that you want a ...

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When someone tells me they can't be plant-based (vegan) it's rarely "oh I can't give up [animal product]" and usually more like "because I live in [place]." 

I've been plant-based (vegan) everywhere -- on a small Caribbean island for a year, in Africa, while traveling to some 35 cities, towns and villages across Europe and now in a Colorado ski town of 12,000 (Denver is 3.5 hrs away). I've managed for well over ...

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I recently got an email asking about how long certain foods last once they're opened or once you bring them home from the grocery store. This has always been sort of a mystery to me as well, we buy a lot of fresh vegetables so they usually get eaten or cooked quickly.

There are things like maple syrup, rice and pasta that you can keep for ages if you've stored them properly. Then there's things like cucumbers ...

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An Herbie on Facebook asked me: How do you wash your greens?

Cleaning your greens is an important step to take when you're cooking. I know, it seems like an added task but even if you buy organic, you want to make sure you're washing off any leftover soil that's left on your spinach or kale or whichever green you're enjoying that night.

(Photo Source: Steven Jackson Photography)

You can individually clean each piece of spinach ...

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I was never a fan of eating eggs but I have many friends who would eat an egg white omelette every morning before they decided to ditch the animal products and go vegan. They often miss the distinct taste of eggs, whether it be in an omelette or as an egg sandwich, or even in a quiche.

For those friends, I recommend black salt. Specifically, I suggest Kala Namak, a pungent smelling purple-ish or pink-ish gray rock salt that is ...

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