What is Black Salt?

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

I was never a fan of eating eggs but I have many friends who would eat an egg white omelette every morning before they decided to ditch the animal products and go vegan. They often miss the distinct taste of eggs, whether it be in an omelette or as an egg sandwich, or even in a quiche.

For those friends, I recommend black salt. Specifically, I suggest Kala Namak, a pungent smelling purple-ish or pink-ish gray rock salt that is often used in India. This shouldn't be confused with black lava salt, which is just sea salt that is blended with activated charcoal. The kala namak variety has a 'sulfur' taste to it which is reminiscent of eggs.

You don't want to use black salt in place of sea salt for other dishes, and you definitely want to use it sparingly or the sulfur taste will be too strong. Sometimes, black salt comes in little clumps that needs to be broken down into a fine powder before you use it.

You can often find black salt in the ethnic section of grocery stores, or at health food stores. If you can't find it in your area, you can alsopurchase black salt online.

I use black salt in my tofu scramble and eggless salad recipes. You can also add a pinch to the Spinach and Artichoke Frittata (p. 32) in Everyday Happy Herbivore. They add an 'eggy' flavor that will remind you of omelettes and egg salad sandwiches of your pre-herbivore days!

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