Washing Your Greens

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An Herbie on Facebook asked me: How do you wash your greens?

Cleaning your greens is an important step to take when you're cooking. I know, it seems like an added task but even if you buy organic, you want to make sure you're washing off any leftover soil that's left on your spinach or kale or whichever green you're enjoying that night.

(Photo Source: Steven Jackson Photography)

You can individually clean each piece of spinach, kale, etc. by running it under cold water or placing it in a bowl of cold water. If you don't have the time or want to do that, you can place all of your leaves in a bowl of cold water (Note: I scrub my kitchen sink with soap and hot water, then fill it with cold water plus a little vinegar and soak my greens when I come home from the market). Make sure to move them around a bit in the water and then let them sit for two minutes. You'll start to see that any dirt or sand will sink to the bottom of your bowl of water.

When you're done, lay the leaves on a paper towel or a clean towel and blot them dry.

Make sure you're also storing your greens properly. You should take them out of whatever packaging you get from the grocery store or market and lay them in paper towels. Roll up the paper towel and then place them in a container or paper bag. This will help keep moisture from getting to your greens!

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